Favors: instructions for use

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Although someone considers them old-fashioned, favors are still among those features that cannot miss in any important ceremony.

Along with placeholders, invitations and other minor details, favors are little features that still can make a ceremony or a party perfect. Although many people think that these objects are useless and destined to be forgotten in a drawer, when you celebrate an important event it is difficult not to give in to the temptation of purchasing favors for your guests, since this is become a deep-seated tradition of our culture. We all keep in our homes kitsch and useless items, which we cannot throw away because they remind us of people we love and that we would never hurt, but it is also true that in the last few years the favor market has diversified a lot, and if you look around you will definitely find nice and useful items that your guests will be happy to receive. This means that if favors are chosen with care, they stop being useless and expensive items, which only make you spend a lot of money and occupy too much space in your guests' homes, and become something that people are happy to give, and to receive.

But how can you choose a nice favor? First of all, and no matter if you have to buy favors for a baptism, for a wedding, for a graduation or for any other important event, the most important thing is choosing something that represents your tastes and personality. However, it does not have to be excessive, as far as both seize and style is concerned: you cannot be sure that what you like is appreciated also by your guests. On the one hand, it is definitely important that the favor reminds your guests of you, but you must be sure to be reminded positively! Do not purchase too cumbersome items, that besides being expensive risk to invade your guests' homes. As far as the choice of the type of favor is concerned, you are really spoilt for choice. If you are traditionalist, and you prefer a classic style, you can focus on silver favors (do not choose ornaments, little statues or other items that can be seen as kitsch, and focus on more useful items, like plain, little frames), while if you want to be more original you can choose fair trade favors. Many couples decide to buy their wedding favors in fair trade shops, and many others decide to replace them with a donation to a good cause. If you do not have a big budget and you can only afford cheap favors, you can choose do-it-yourself favors, which do not only make you spare, they also are the most personalized present that you can give to your guests.

Last but not least, when you choose favors you also have to keep in mind that also these items follow the trends. One of the latest trends is giving fine food and wine, like wine or oil bottles, which are certainly unusual, original and much appreciated by guests, or little plants to grow.

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with support from personalized wedding favors. For more information, please visit place card holders or wedding card holders.

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