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One of the most significant challenges for any hydroponic grower is to ensure that your cloning attempts are successful. Cut stems are typically very fragile, and even minor mistakes can result in a dead stem. The main challenge is in trying to achieve faster rooting. The sooner that you can get those roots to form underneath your stem, the sooner it can start making use of your hydroponic nutrients.

Hydroponic Carbohydrate Products - Probably the factor that most creates favorable conditions for faster rooting is a large store of carbohydrates. As every good grower knows, carbohydrates are energy. And stems, unfortunately, are almost entirely unable to produce any more new carbohydrates until they successfully form roots and start absorbing nutrients.

Fortunately, some hydroponic supply companies sell supplements that give you to power to provide extra carbs to your plants. These help increase the stems overall carb supply and therefore promote faster rooting.

B Vitamins - The whole cutting process is very stressful for both your mother plant and the clones themselves. The mother plant loses some valuable leaves when the clones are lopped off, the stems lose their main sources of water and hydroponic nutrients. This stress can be stunning in a way, inhibiting their ability to function normally and absorb nutrients and grow. This fact alone can make faster rooting a challenge

One creative way that hydroponic growers fend off this stress for faster rooting is using B vitamin supplements. B vitamins, such as B1, B6, and B12 have proved to be tremendously effective in helping plants deal with stressful conditions and promoting growth. While you are trying to promote thorough cloning, they can be a massive help towards establishing faster rooting.

Humates - You also cannot ignore the basics of helping your mother plant absorb as much of your hydroponic nutrients as possible. One of the most significant ways that you can accomplish this is just through using humates like fulvic and humic acid. These should be an essential part of your regular feeding schedule, because they break down your nutrients in ways that assists uptake. The more nutrients that your mother plant is able to use, the healthier it will be. And the healthier it is, the more likely that it will be able to grow roots quickly.

Making a Quality Cut - Of course, while good supplements are essential to faster rooting, you also cannot ignore basic techniques like a good cut. For example, you should not use the same razor blade over and over again on all your stems necessarily. You would be surprised at just how quickly they can dull, and a dull razor blade can damage your already delicate stem, making it more difficult for the roots to form.

You should also make sure the stem itself is in good health, and has a couple of good quality leaves. These leaves will be essential to produce enough carbohydrates to help your plant get off the ground.

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