Fashionable School Wear For Kids

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For young boys, ages five through eighteen, a really popular look this year is the sort of vintage based shirts and pants. Shirts that come in rich and deep colors are popular, often bearing faded prints, or grunge sort of symbols and designs. These shirts sometimes have studs on them, too, peg like designs that contribute to some symbol that is sewn onto the face of the shirt like a patchwork piece. These shirts range from sizes that could fit any boy within that age range and have a vast array of sizes from which to choose.

Another popular style of shirt for young boys is the decorate graphic tees. These shirts often boast the name of classic restaurants or fictional auto mechanic shops or diners and are always accentuated by bold colors and bright and vivid designs. These shirts are always based upon a solid, bright color and work well and are popular because they can be easily matched with jeans or khakis, long pants, or shorts. These shirts work well for winter, too, since they can be worn over a solid colored long sleeved shirt, thus making them good not only for this season, but next, as well. All of the shirts made for young boys that come in these styles are also made with strong materials that are resilient so they can run and play and do all the active things they do and still enjoy a shirt that does not tear or rip and lasts a long time.

For the pants, plaid is highly in fashion and is made on material that is soft and easy to wear, but lasts a long time. Plaid shorts are often perfect for matching with sold T shirts since they come in colors that are sometimes crème and tinted with blue and green hues or sometimes more vivid with reds and oranges. Plaid shorts work will with shirts that have some print on them, as well, and are very versatile. Also, khaki shorts are both fashionable and comfortable, and also match well with a vast array of almost any shirt. Jeans have always been popular and are still one of the most popular choices, and are still a favorite among boys who love to be active and on the run at school. If your son is active in school and enjoys sports and other activities, then any of these shorts will be great for him.

For young girls, skinny jeans are in fashion, as are tights and leggings. These are usually form fitting and do not require the use of a belt, and are worn with large and oversized tunic tops or over sized t- shirts. These skinny jeans come in black, grey, or white, and the leggings afford even more colors, such as red, purple, green, blue, and of course the neutral shades of black, grey, and white. Baby doll t-shirts are also popular as they are sort of dressy but still casual enough to wear to school. These come in a wide variety of styles and colors so no matter what your daughter's preference she can find something suitable and can find a pair of leggings or jeans to match.

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