Fashion Photos on Quality Canvas Prints Using Basic Rules in Photography

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Pictures say a thousand of words. It conveys meaning depending on how the subject of the photo was presented. You cannot just take a picture without considering rules in photography. The composition and balance of the image is very important to leave a good first impression. For your subject or your fashion model, if you want leave a better emphasis on your clothing line your image should have an excellent and compelling aesthetic quality.

How to Shoot like a Professional Photographer

• Remember to use rule of thirds. When using a landscape shot, rule of thirds gives your image a balance composition. Rule of thirds is based on the theory that the eye is naturally drawn to a point about two-thirds up a certain image.

• Consider points of view. Another important technique that greatly affects an image's composition is the point of view. This is where you are taking your photos from. You can have three basic points of view to use when shooting your subject, From above- a shot taken on a high point over your subject, From below- is a shot taken below, underneath your image's subject, At subject's level- this shot is taken at the eye level of your subject.

• Be observant on leading lines. When looking at a certain image, the eyes are naturally drawn along lines. Leading lines affect the way on how a person can view an image. With the right use of leading lines, a certain photo can be very compelling giving you a feeling of movement on the image. You can use straight, diagonal, curvy, zigzag lines that can improve your photo's composition.

• Print your photos on a high quality canvas. The purpose of you taking photos is definitely to print and display your image to put them in life beyond the lenses of your camera. offers the best quality of print output of your image on a canvas print usually used to print personal photos and art reproductions. Preserving your photos on an excellent canvas print is like being a modern Leonardo da Vinci having your own gallery of images. gives you several options on printing your images on a quality canvas print so you can have a fashion gallery art of your own that you can display to promote your clothing line.

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