Fascinating Life in Environment Friendly Town

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Tarbela Dam is world famous Dam which produce hydro-electricity. Our family spent 25 years there. I spent very pleasant time in there. I loved and enjoyed the pleasant weather and sceneries there. I had very good friends there. We use to play cricket and other games. We also enjoyed outings and picnics there. Many people were very sincere to me. My students greatly respected me.
However, some unfortunate events happened in Tarbela Dam. My late father was 19 grade officer there. He served for 41 years. Our family including me earned money from this remote and extremely productive hydro power project. My mother died there during the year 1984 when she was young woman in her early forties. My 63 years old father mysteriously died on May 28, 2004 in his home located in Model Town, Lahore.
I completed my Master degree during the year 1993. I completed all of my education during the period of our stay in the Dam. I wanted to become Assistant commissioner or lecturer in the college there. Unfortunately, there were five years ban on employment at that time. The College never announced any post for Mathematics or computer sciences lecturer. During the year 1994, I got computer programmer job in grade 17 in Tarbela Dam. During the year 1999, I get senior teacher there which I continued for one year. Previously I left places due to mind control harassment but level of harassment was comparatively less. In the year 2000, our family left the Dam due to my father's transfer and mind controllers created fear. For more details and pictures about the article and author, please visit links provided below.

Tarbela Dam Project Pakistan

Tahir Jamil Family Pictures in Tarbela Dam

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