Fargo Card Printer - What makes them the best?

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Making the difficult decision of selecting the best ID card printer is always an arduous task. With the rapid advance in printing technology many companies have entered the ID card printing market increasing the variety of options available for users using plastic card printers. This is where Fargo printers come in to play. They have condensed the number of features available on a given ID card printer and have designed plastic card printers with the most frequently used and essential features that are just right enough for basic ID card printing.

Due to Fargo’s design of ID card printers they have climbed to the top of the ladder in ID card printing and are among the top ten companies rated as the best ID card printer manufacturing companies. Here’s a brief description on why Fargo card printers are the best.

Fargo card printers are the popular ID card printers right now because of their ability to be versatile and print colorful and detailed cards. Fargo card printers come in single sided as well as dual sided printing editions. Single sided ID card printers come in handy for printing basic employee ID cards, gift cards, and loyalty cards membership cards, and visitor cards. The purpose of single sided ID card printers is that they can be used to print basic information about the card holder like name, a photo of the card holder and employee ID. With dual sided ID card printers you can print additional info on the card holder like address, designation, contact information and additional security like a visual watermark or electronic encoding that prevents the ID card printer from getting tampered.

Coming to the performance of the Fargo card printer, the best way to measure it is by the speed at which the ID card printer prints the respective photo ID card. Fargo has a top speed of printing monochrome cards in 7 seconds and high definition cards within 38 seconds. This feature comes in extremely useful in situations when you have to print ID cards quickly such as in exhibitions, high profile conferences, seminars and workshops. No need to worry anymore about long lines to issue visitor cards or photo ID cards for participants.

Next are the security features provided by the plastic card printers. Fargo plastic cards printer support magnetic stripe encoding using 3 tracks and encoding facilities for smart cards are also available and the use the iCLASS, MIFARE read/write encoders for contact and contactless smart card encoders.

In terms of connectivity, Fargo ID Card Printers allow you to connect your ID card printer to your PC via USB or an onboard Ethernet adapter which allows you to remotely access your ID card printers. This feature even allows you to customize your ID cards by giving you the option to print the company’s logo or an additional security watermark enhancing the integrity of the computer.

The above information should help you decide in choosing Fargo card printers because they are worth the money especially when you are looking just for robustness, versatility, compactness and speed.

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