FAQ on how to maintain wigs

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As wigs and hairpieces are more and more popular today, many people choose to wear wigs & hairpieces. Advantages thereof lie in that they are vivid and of good decoration effect; they are easy to tidy; and people can try various totally different hairstyles and match them with different fashionable dresses. Following the trend of cosplay, more and more cosplay wigs come out, such as long cosplay wigs, short cosplay wigs and medium cosplay wigs, enriching the variety of wigs & hairpieces and leading to new fashion trend.

Each time the wig is washed, its lifespan is shortened. How to maintain wigs & hairpieces? Here sinomart.com carefully collects following FAQs for you:

1. How to wash your wig?

(1) Gently brush the wig thoroughly with a wig brush, remembering not to pull too hard on the hair fibres.

(2) Fill your sink or basin with cold clear warm water, adding shampoo specifically designed for synthetic hair, or shampoo for colour treated hair.

(3) Let your wig soak for 5-10 minutes and agitate gently. Do not rub.

(4) Rinse in cold clear warm water until thoroughly rinsed.

(5) Generously apply conditioner to the wig, working it through with fingertips.

(6) Rinse again until all conditioner is removed from the wig.

(7) Gently blot the wig with a towel. Do not rub.

(8) Run your fingertips through the wig fibres without pulling to loosen any tangles or knots.

(9) Place the wig on a wig stand to air dry. If the wig is human hair, you can use a blow dryer, but it is recommended that you use a wig stand as well to preserve the wigs longevity.

(10) Brush wig only when completely dry. Do not allow the wig to dry in direct sunlight.

2. How often should I wash my wig?

The frequency of washing depends on factors such as air quality and humidity. Generally, a wig should be washed after it has been worn 8 Ė 12 times, but this can vary.

3. How to store your wig:

Store your wig on a wig stand in a clean, damp free and heat free environment. This will ensure it stay tangle and soil free between wearing, as well as maintain the wig's style.

Wigs & hairpieces bring great conveniences to us. Letís maintain them carefully. After learning the tips for maintaining wigs, more information on how to use wigs & hairpieces and how to style wigs & hairpieces is detailed on sinomart.com where various wholesale wigs hairpieces are supplied, as well as cosplay wigs online.

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