Famous London nightclubs

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London's know for its nightlife, and it has some famous venues, and famous people go to the famous venues. Some of the most famous for being famous in London are:

- Chinawhite

- Merah

- Funky Buddha

- Mahiki


Out of all of the clubs the daddy of them all from an exclusive club point of view is Chinawhite. It's been around nearly 10 years, and when it came to London it virtually created a new scene over night. The paparazzi would now be waiting out side of clubs, the famous would be queueing up to get in, and the the name of Chinawhite was on the tip of London clubbers tongues.

Since it first opened the club has moved venues, this hasn't stopped it from being massive. After the the relaunch in October of 2009, the club had three way lines.


A relatively new addition to the scene the club has quickly go in the premier league of clubs (even though it's not at the top). It has regular events, and these attract a good crowd. It's also just around the corner from Chinawhite. You could do both in one night and there would be less then a five minute walk between venues. However that's not including the queue! Which exclusive clubs tend to have.

Funky Buddha

Another oldie that hold its own on the clubbing scene. It's renowned for its Tuesday night, and the same as all the famous clubs is busy on a Friday and Saturday. It's actually just around the corner from the next club, Mahiki. It does have its own character though, where Mahiki play a bit more cheesy music Funky Buddha is more RnB. Inside of Funky Buddha there's also the Funky Buddha statue, I've been told not to touch it -- at the risk of being thrown out of the venue.


Again being 5ish years old Mahiki has stuck around. The club has been well known for not only its famous guests but also it high society guests. When it first opened the promotions manger was Guy Pelly, know for being very close to the royals Prince Harry and Prince William. Since launching the club in to the stratosphere from a publicity point of view he has gone on to open his own club, Public, which may be on the next list of famous clubs.

Back to Mahiki, the club is a regular in London rags and papers like the Daily Mail because of the celebs it regularly attracts. The club is very much a destination venue so often the celebrities end up at the club after they've been to another event. This isn't at all strange for destination venues. Oh by the way the definition of a destination venue is a venue that you end up at the end of the night.

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