False Eyelashes

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Top tips for applying false eyelashes bought through suppliers of bath bombs

Always have trouble with False eyelashes? Canít seem to find a way to make them stay in place, and worry whenever you go out wearing False Eyelashes? With a few pointers youíll have no problem applying those tricky False Eyelashes; instead youíll leave the house brimming with confidence feeling highly glamorous at the same time.

You know the benefits of wearing False Eyelashes, they make your eyes look bigger and give them a sense of allure. So learn how to apply your False Eyelashes in a confident manner, and follow a simple guide that leaves you feeling rather special, itíll make sure you never have trouble with your falsies in the future.

Prepare your eye lids for false eyelashes

Before you even think about using eyelash adhesive make sure your eyelids are clean and free from any coating. Clean lids are the ideal base for False Eyelashes so make sure theyíre spotless with a good quality make-up remover beforehand. If you havenít got any you can always buy this from your local beauty store when you stock up on bath bombs. Got the eyelids nice and clean? Thatís great, now itís time to trim those False Eyelashes.

Get cutting

Most sets of fake eyelashes are the same size so you might have to trim the False Eyelashes a little so they fit perfectly into place. Once youíre happy with the size of the False eyelashes carefully add the adhesive to them, itís a good idea to do this with a small makeup brush, or some people prefer to use a toothpick instead. Leave the glue to go a little tacky before applying the False Eyelashes to your eyelid, and try to get them as close to the root as possible.

Let the false eyelashes dry thoroughly!

Once the False Eyelashes are in place press them down using a cotton bud or something similar and then leave them to dry. This is vitally important. Donít even attempt to apply any make-up before the False Eyelashes are dry, youíll be asking for trouble if you do.

Follow these very simply guidelines to apply False eyelashes in the future and you shouldnít have any problems. The next time you buy False Eyelashes from a store that sells bath bombs you should feel more confident about applying them when you get home. If youíre still in doubt look online and youíll find plenty of tuition videos that show you how easy it is to apply False Eyelashes.

False eyelashes are perfect when you want to look and feel glamorous at all times. At bigpoutcosmetics.co.uk we have false eyelashes and bath bombs that will make you feel special!

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