Fake GHD Hair Straighteners

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Profitable companies will at some point will need to tackle the job of cheap knock offs being made and in love with the market. ghd flat iron hair is one of those companies and even though they do take good calculates to preserve their brand, online shops are still getting out of with selling fake designs of the GHD hair straightener. How do you know if you are shopping for a fake? There are several tell tale symptoms that give it away.
1. E-bay - Anyone can sell on E-bay. It is so feasible for counterfeit goods to be passed off as serious, the money to swop hands then for the seller to fade away. Make sure to check to recommendations and critical reviews of the seller, but try to stay clear of using this site to buy GHDs.
2. Foreign site - Most counterfeit goods, including GHDs, come from China so have knowledge of this. Obtain a dealer in your own country where they need to adhere to their countries trading ordinary laws. Make certain there is a home home address and phone number.

3. Website - Does the website resemble the established GHD one? If you do, they are in all probability selling fakes by making you imagine they are the professional website. Authorized sellers in your country will not just be selling GHD hair straighteners, but many other brands, so consider single brand websites.
4. Payment - Never pay money for a product of the Internet without using a charge card or paypal. Using these methods insures you for the obtain. Fake websites will avoid taking money through these as they are very likely not planning to give you anything, so pay attention to this.
5. Product features - Although it shall be difficult to see the characteristics on products on website pages, if you do get an opportunity to look before you buy, make yourself alert to the features of the brand you are buying. For instance, some models of GHDs have specific features, be sure they have these before parting with your cash.
6. Price - straighteners hair hair straighteners do carry on sale, but do not get puzzled by real ones that are at discount, with fake ones that are just affordable. Typically GHDs price between 80 - 120, anything around 50% off of this and start getting distrustful. You just don't get real products that are 50% off the RRP.

7. Serial numbers - GHDs have sequential numbers on the label. The GHD website allows for you to type the serial number in to check if it is a fake or not. Very useful if you can obtain your on the job the serial before you buy them.
8. Holograms - Real GHDs have hologram stickers on the label and on the into the hair straightener itself.
9. Plastic hinge pins - Fake GHDs hinge pins are usually plastic when real ones are metal.
Follow these steps when you are " shopping " for GHD hair straighteners and you will finish up with a real product.

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