Facts To Consider About Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal has been around for a while now. The technology of using laser beam to deaden the hair follicle and prevent hair growth has been quite successful for permanently depleting unwanted hairs.

However, before you consider the use of lasers, consider the potential risks and side effects involved.

While some side effects are rare, certain skin tones do not respond well to the laser. Naturally dark or tanned skin can deflect the laser, causing a burn on your skin. The melanin in dark skin reacts to the laser much the same way it would react to the sun, so it can also cause skin to darken or redden. However, many reputable establishments now employ the use of equipment which will assess the condition of your skin to see if it can tolerate the laser beam.

Eyes are fragile and the bright light of the laser can easily cause damage. Make sure your clinic provides you with protective eyewear.

If you are adorned with tattoos, these areas may not react well to the laser. Some tattoos become darker or the colour itself may change. Talk to your doctor or dermatologist to find out if the ink on your tattoos will cause problems under a laser.

Much like the heat of the sun can cause some fair skinned people to blister, exposure to lasers can do the same thing. If you suspect you could be in this group, or you burn quickly or have a history of blistering in the sun, talk to your laser specialist before getting a treatment. There are cooling and freezing sprays that can be applied before and after treatments to prevent blistering of the skin.

Crusting of the skin or possible infections can occur in rare cases. While this is more common in people who have undergone multiple laser treatments, it is important to be aware of this dangerous side effect. Watch for signs of infection and seek medical care immediately should one occur. Most infections, if treated with antibiotics, pose no serious threat and are cleared up quickly.

Over all, laser hair removal is a safe and effective way to permanently remove any unwanted hair. However, as with all procedures, it's important to weigh the risks, and have a consultation with a professional to make an educated decision.

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