Facts about Climate Change

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Climate change is a change in weather conditions where it may take place for hundreds of years; the basis of the change is measured with the average global temperature within a whole century. A variable of 1 centigrade is not much when you hear but in reality it poses a huge effect on our planet and its inhabitants.

What causes climate change?

Many factors are playing a role in the change like continental drift, infrastructures (buildings and massive projects) and mountains, but the biggest player is solar radiation and carbon emissions; these dwarf all of the other mentioned causes combined. As more and more radiation enters the earth the warmer it gets, and with more carbon present in the atmosphere than normal that heat is being trapped and amplified causing more problems

Is it happening?

With the help of modern technology scientist are able to recreate past climates and record the variability. Records shows that are planet is getting warmer and warmer significantly, and actually you don’t need a scientist to tell, you can feel from day to day and physical evidence are showing a change in the climate patters of the planet.

Other strong evidence that is easily noticed is the rapid depletion of ice glaciers around the world, especially in the polar caps.

Am I affected?

All of us are affected with the earth warming up, no-one is an exception. As the climate shifts everything in are eco-system is affected from vegetation to animals to humans. Vegetation are suffering from longer droughts posing a potential problem in food supply, animal will starve to death and possibly extinct with the inability to adapt with the rapidly changing environment. Us can suffer the same fate as anything sentiment being in the planet.

What will you do to make a difference?

The solution to this problem is a commitment to the doing your bit to help the environment however this doesn’t have to be a burden. Countless number of things can be done to preserve the environment and all of us can probably come up with a whole list when asked. But the solution does not rely on knowing alone, it must be combined with action!

The most significant amount of carbon emission is coming from the energy that we use, energy that powers our cities. Blatantly we can incur of saving it and using it wisely. But the question is how?

The solution is still technology, but this time with a touch of responsibility. Renewable energy sources are now viable thanks to the brilliant minds that developed it and made it possible. Technologies like solar photovoltaic and wind turbines are two of the promising sources that can replace the dirty energy that we have right now. These sources are producing energy without a single carbon produced allowing our planet to recover from all the abuse.

On the other hand, technology alone cannot solve the problem. It is also matter of social responsibility and commitment. Other sources of carbon are still decades from being resolved, so again we shall say, “Save whenever you can and use energy wisely”.

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