Factors To Determine The Strength Of Manuka Honey And Its Effect On The Skin

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The immense properties of natural ingredients are much more superior to any other synthetic cures. The most effective in this case is the fabulous manuka honey. This natural substance is obtained from the nectar of the monofloral bush. This also means that the product is essentially a nectar much powerful than ordinary sugars or ingredients. However, the strength of the nectar is based particularly on the Unique Manuka Factor. This is a measure of the strength of the nectar based on a scale of 0-30. The range of ingredients that the substance is composed is of non-hydrogen peroxide content which makes it so effective.

The nectar is even more efficient than antibiotics and penicillin. But some time back even the honey had lost its value with the emergence of such synthetic compositions. But now that people realize that it is best to incorporate a natural ingredient in care regimes, the nectar is gaining popularity yet again. It is not only the best for skin care but is also suitable for therapeutic purpose. It is used to cure several immensely harmful skin ailments like eczema, wounds, burns and even critical condition like stomach ulcers.

Even when diluted about 100 times still the ingredient retains its properties. It is much powerful than ordinary sugars even in this condition. This is estimated by the UMF or Unique Manuka Factor measured on a scale of 0-30. Any UMF below 10 is said to be non-effective for therapeutic usage however, scale of UMF16 is the most powerful for the purpose.

The properties of the nectar are prevalent in many care regimes. It finds a suitable position in the natural ingredients used in some of the major compositions. In fact, it is an active ingredient in the incredibly renowned ManukaSea! Magic that is prepared in Brisbane, Australia. It comprises of selected seaweed essence, coconut oil extract, almond oil and vitamin E mixed in suitable proportions with the nectar of UMF 20+.

The manufacturers however were selective is obtaining the seaweeds from a small producer located in the western coast of Ireland whereas the nectar was brought from New Zealand. The active ingredient in the nectar also determined by its methyloxide content which is antiseptic in nature. This natural remedy is a fabulous healer for wounds, burns and skin ulcers. It is also a remarkable exfoliating agent, cleanser and nourisher. All such procedures make manuka honey skin care regime the perfect routine to implement in your lifestyle. Even as a scrub it removes dead dull skin cells to reveal a radiant surface. It cleanses the dirt or dust accumulated in the interior pores of the surface and balances the lost nourishment by doubling up as a moisturizer as well as eye crème.

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