Factors to Consider in Seeking a Divorce Attorney

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Divorce can be ugly and downright traumatizing; even for the best of couples who are parting on amicable terms, there can still be hurt feelings and misunderstandings that make the situation even more difficult.

An attorney is almost always recommended, even if their services are not legally required. If nothing else, an attorney can handle court paperwork and filings to make sure everything is done properly and legally. So when seeking a divorce attorney, how do you make your decision? What recommends one over another? Here are some quick considerations in this regard.

Your Circumstances

Of course your own circumstances and situation will determine the type of legal counsel you need. For example, if you have children you may need someone with experience in custody arrangements, whereas someone without won't need that help. Your estate may be somewhat large and you have many assets that will need to be sifted through; this means a lawyer that is skilled in representing someone in court as opposed to just negotiating with the other party.

And of course the approach of you and your spouse will also determine the skills you need for an attorney. If you're parting on amicable terms with few disagreements, your attorney will be needed to help you through paperwork and formalities. But when the divorce becomes a battle, you need someone that is ready and skilled for such fights.

Without an Attorney

What if you and your spouse are parting amicably with virtually no disagreements about property or children? Should you try to handle your divorce yourself? In some areas this is perfectly legal and may save both parties some money in legal fees.

However, consider at the very least having an attorney review the agreement you reach with your spouse. He or she can make sure it will hold up in court, and they may also have some concerns that you haven't considered. For example, you might agree to pay some support to your spouse now but what if you lose your job or get a change in pay? An attorney may see such things happen all the time and will know to include unforeseen circumstances.

Remember too that none of this information should take the place of legal advice from your attorney, if and when you seek their counsel.

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