Factors that Affect Skin Aging

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Wrinkles and discoloration are serious signs of aging. For the baby boomer, this is a big problem. That's why scientifically-based products are now in great demand. Thanks to several skin innovations, looking younger is not as impossible as you think.

However, we should not completely depend on it alone. As effective as it is, anti-aging products work best with a healthy lifestyle. Here's what to avoid so you can keep your skin in top condition:


Smoking leads to restricting blood vessels. Thus, this causes oxygen and vital nutrients being prevented from reaching the skin. This is evident in the usual pale and dull skin of smokers.


Of course you deserve a social life. Unfortunately, this entails alcoholic drinks that might be one too many. This is harmful for your skin because excessive alcohol intake causes skin dehydration. So the next time you go on an all-night drinking spree, think again. You can ditch the alcohol and go for other drinks instead.


Dark circles under the eyes could be attributed to caffeine. In fact, it affects the skin the same way that alcohol does. The skin gets dehydrated due to the consumption of too much caffeine. Hence, one should put a limit on coffee intake.


Regardless if it's in the air or in the water, pollution is responsible for many skin disorders. This occurs as impurities strip the skin off its natural vitamin E, plus the fact that our skin is a very sensitive organ.

Lack of Sleep

Being deprived of sleep is a factor in skin damage. It is during sleep that our skin restores and renews itself from all the harmful elements of daily life. Not getting enough sleep means not giving our skin enough time to rejuvenate. Not to mention that incomplete sleep is also the reason for puffy and dark eyebags.

It is important to keep in mind that how you live is one vital factor in staying healthy and younger looking. By being responsible for your body and keeping the culprits of skin aging at bay, you can help turn back the clock.

Francisco Ternandes maintains a healthy skin with anti aging face creams. For his eyes, he only depends on trusted anti aging eye creams.

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