Factor that determine your hairstyle

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Any hairstyle would become ideal for you when that haircut makes you happy and content and confident each time you look at yourself in the mirror. A perfect hairstyle can change your outer appearance and can make you feel fresh and new. Sticking to a same look with no change for a long time makes your style statement boring. You can be invisible for your over the year same hair style. So, change your hairstyle, introduce new styles and colors to update your look and style statement. In the mass catch the attention and make everyone feel your presence with your unique hairstyle.

This is obviously true that if you don't pay attention to the look your hairstyle is giving on you are going to be a looser. This is because if your haircut doesn't fit you, it won't give up the perfect expression you want to have. You need to take care of that so that you may not look odd in your hairstyle.

Now you want to have a make over of your haircut. Before zeroing in on any particular hairstyle consider the following points-

1). Personality- your personality should match your hairstyle and haircut. If you have a tomboy like attitude you can opt for a short hair cut like Mandira Bedi's or Kiran Bedi's. If you carefree type girl then opt for Meg Ryan's haircut. Jodie Foster's haircut is also preferable. If you are a corporate businesswoman then Indra Nooi's and Kiran Majumder Shaw's hair cut are excellent. Your time management and career devotion will not be hampered.
2). Career- career oriented women of today need hair cut that is short, beautiful, elegant but feminine. A woman has to catch her work in the morning. So, her hair should be something that is easy to handle and maintain. She has to wash her hair everyday and has to dry it. Long hair can be problematic for her to maintain.
3). Life style- your haircut depends on your life style and attitude. Time constraints and time management are very crucial for hair care. Shampooing and conditioning are must for every alternate day. Oiling and other caring regimen are advised to keep your hair shiny and silky. Do not compromise with your hair and with its health. Because good hair is the secret of good hairstyle.

4). Body shape- your body is vital for choosing a hairstyle. Face cutting, body structure and hair density or hair texture are the deciding factors. Large face cutting does not go with short hairstyle. It is more beautiful in long hair. Big body structure is not good for short hair cut. So, as thin hair is. Medium hair cut goes with every type of body structure.
5). Eye color and skin tone- eye color and skin tone are important for hair color. Hair color should complement both. Fair skin tone and dark skin tone match with different type of shades. Above all your hair cut should create a sense of balance. Balance between your body shape and face and head. Looking good is the main priority not experimenting blindly.

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