Facial Waxing

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Every woman wants beautiful, smooth porcelain skin. The generally accepted look of glamour is a flawless face with no tell tale signs of hair.

The fact of the matter is, our bodies, both male and female are covered with hair. However, the hair on upper lips and cheeks and sometimes even the chin are usually not noticeable on women. However, genetics often throws us a curve, as some women have facial hair that has enough colour or coarseness to be noticeable, thereby detracting from their sense of femininity.

Fortunately, there are several methods a woman can use to change the look of unwanted facial hairs. While you could shave it with a razor, this is not recommended as the hair grows back quickly and it becomes a time consuming habit.

Depending on the coarseness of the hair, lightening or bleaching may be a reasonable option. However, this often has mishappen results, since bleaching formulas often lighten the skin as well. While the hair may be lighter and less noticeable, the skin area is also lighter than the rest of your face, drawing unwanted attention to it. Applying make up, such as face powder, often highlights the hair anyway, even when bleached.

Waxing unwanted facial hair is a tried and true method that has good results. You can have it done by a professional at a salon, or do it yourself at home in just a few minutes. Waxing also works well on coarser hairs.

While you may experience a little pain, waxing is a quick and easy process for facial hair removal. A little warm wax is spread onto the area and then covered with a dry cloth. The wax cools and binds itself both to the hair and the cloth. When the cloth is pulled off (in one quick motion), it pulls the hair out, usually along with the root.

You may experience some redness or inflammation after waxing, but this is temporary and can be relieved with cool water or a cold compress. Waxing will give longer lasting results than other hair removal solutions, and you will enjoy a smooth, hair free face.

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