Facial Treatments at Day Spas: Look Younger Without Surgery!

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There is definitely wisdom and a sense of self-confidence that comes with getting older. We feel more knowledgeable about life, our bodies and our inner beings. But these days, there are no rules that say we have to look our ages in order to back up our knowledge with any legitimacy whatsoever. In fact, it is becoming commonplace to look 10-15 years younger and the treatments available in salons and day spas are definitely keeping up with the times and our never ending quest for youthfulness.

Three are three main types of facial treatments offered that can dramatically change your appearance: Laser Skin Resurfacing, IPL Photofacials, and Microdermabrasion. These procedures are non-invasive alternatives to surgery and are not to be confused with regular facials; these aren't meant to detoxify your skin or simply unclog pores. Though these are great for people who don't have the stomach to go under the knife, they can require multiple treatments and still carry a price tag of anywhere from $100-$600 per treatment.

The most traditional of the three, Microdermabrasion is also the least expensive treatment on the anti-aging front at a day spa. It is a non-invasive treatment that usually starts at around $100 for the face. Some day spas will offer a discount if more than one session is purchased. During Microdermabrasion, outer skin cells are gently sloughed off with a diamond tipped wand and the dead cells are then vacuumed up off of the area. The process stimulates regeneration of new cells and increases collagen production. The skin appears smoother and the cells' youthful appearance is renewed. The results from Microdermabrasion usually last up to a few months and the procedure will have to be repeated. Microdermabrasion can result in redness and tenderness for a couple of days after.

IPL Photofacial
Another non-invasive process for keeping the skin's youthful appearance is the IPL Photofacial. The photofacial is best if you'd like to target sunspots, sun damage, vein reduction, and other types of skin discoloration. It involves an intense pulsed light that harmlessly fades these tell-tale signs of aging. It is not painful and costs about $400 - $600 per treatment. The results are phenomenal and can last up to a year, but depending on the severity of the discoloration, several treatment may be required. This procedure involves little to no down-time afterwards.

Laser Skin Resurfacing
Laser skin resurfacing is the most expensive of the three treatments and the most painful (the laser can feel like a rubber band being snapped against your skin) but the results can be seen for up to a few years and are the most dramatic. Fractional lasers are used to create columns of coagulation in the skin which results in a natural healing process that forms fresh, healthy skin. Laser Skin Resurfacing is great for fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, skin tightening and melasma. It usually costs between $500-$600 per treatment. These treatments are not your mother's facials. They are special treatments that can result in a variation on the youthful appearance one might get from a facelift, but without the surgery and the cost. That's not to say that these treatments are without discomfort and a high price tag - they come with this baggage as well - but the discomfort and cost are just fractions of what they would be for a cosmetic surgery that involves skin resurfacing. Many day spas can offer these treatments to those of us that want the knowledge that comes with age, but not the age spots, wrinkles and drooping. Be smart and consult your doctor before getting any of these procedures done!

Lilly Gordon is a freelance web author and publisher. She enjoys writing on a variety of topics and often frequents salons and day spas in Edmonton, where she currently resides.

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