Facial Hair Wax: Proper Waxing of Eyebrows

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Facial hair waxing for women is an option to get that perfect-shaped eyebrows. Thick, not bushy, eyebrows may be considered attractive. Facial hair waxing is a popular way to handle unwanted hair because people like seeing immediate results right after undergoing those simple steps.Moreover, if you don't want to shell out an expensive professional fee, you may conduct facial hair waxing for your eyebrows at the comforts of your home. Below are the basic steps that will help you carry out the waxing procedure.First, you must prepare your eyebrow by defining its natural shape with the help of a baby toothbrush. Then, you need to numb the sensitive skin below the brow by putting on some astringent. To work out your natural brow shape, you should stand several feet away from the mirror. The gap between your brows depends on the closeness of your eyes. Brow gaps are wider if your eyes are close together. Brow gaps are narrower if your eyes are far apart. You can measure this by holding up a ruler paralleled to your nose and leveling it with the inner corner of your eyes. Put a dot to mark the right point.The next facial hair waxing tip for the eyebrow is to work out its curve. Do this by holding the ruler this time from nostril’s edge then pass the outer edge of your iris and up to your eyebrow.Again, put a dot to mark the right spot. Finally, link up the dots forming a gentle arch so that you’ll be able to draw on the ideal eyebrow shape that you want to have.Next is the actual facial hair waxing procedure. You should warm the wax to an optimal temperature. Apply a thin layer of wax to the hair by using a small spatula. Avoid wax soaking by using small amount of it on the spatula.Now, here comes the painful facial hair waxing part – hair removal. Remove the hair from under your brow because this will widen your eyes. Wax against the hair growth. Smooth a piece of cotton cloth over the waxed area, pull the skin taut with one hand then with the other hand, pull the cloth off. That's it! Sounds easy, right? Keep in mind that this procedure may give a burning sensation if you're not used to it. In any case, this is just one way of grooming your eyebrows to get the perfect look and shape you desire.

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