Facelift Hyderabad

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Facelift Hyderabad
Explanation of facelift surgery Hyderabad in the following paragraphs is a generalization for illustrative purposes only. Approach that makes the plastic surgeon perform your facelift may vary depending on a lot of work to do, the condition and structure of your face, and the surgeon’s technique. If you want detailed information about the specific procedure, just go through our surgeon profile and clinic website.
Our facelift surgeon Hyderabad will make incisions in the natural folds to minimize the visible scars. The incisions are usually made in front of your ears. The incision continues around and behind the ear. Through this incision, our plastic surgeon will be able to reach the muscle and connective tissue. In most cases, our plastic surgeon separates the skin from underlying fat and muscle. If you have excess facial fat, which can be removed or cut with a technique of liposuction-like. Its primary muscles are then tightened to provide a firmer basis. The surgeon then again reaches the skin, cut the excess. If you need to have the neck worked for the facelift, the plastic surgeon can make an additional incision under the chin, so is access to the neck.
For face lift surgery they use special threads. The technique used to reduce the decline in the cheeks, jaw and neck. Results are usually noticeable right after the procedure normally takes about one hour.
Techniques vary slightly, but the standard facelift cosmetic surgeon makes small incisions thread in place, which adds to the fine wires. Threads are barbed, so as to keep the skin tissue. They are then pulled back for a smooth face, tied and hidden in the skin itself. There should be a clear sign that the thread lift has been completed. A variant of this technique is to add the wires of a needle, which are the skin incisions.

Once the facelift surgery is completed, our plastic surgeon to close the incisions with very fine points or special pliers. A temporary drain may be inserted to drain excess blood or fluid. You will be dressing to reduce swelling. Your incision may be covered by an ointment or cream to help heal.

Our doctor is well experience surgeon who has 24 years of experience in cosmetic surgery. He was actively involved in the management of various aesthetic surgeries like liposuction (including large volume), abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), breast augmentation, breast reduction, rhinoplasty, facelift, botox, penile enlargement, cosmetic corrections of the female genitalia, post partum cosmetic surgeries, maxillo facial fracture corrections, minor and major facial injuries like lacerations, avulsions and flaps, general plastic surgeries like cleft lip and palate, filarial leg, deformity corrections, acute and chronic limb trauma in association with allied departments, incisional hernia repair, cancer reconstruction, burns and sequalae of burns, hand surgeries, multiple Z- plasties for Dupuytren’s contracture, carpal tunnel release to name a few.

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