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Among various social network games Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats is one of the best game. Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats has become an extremely rage popular game around the world. More than just a game; it is a lifestyle for many players.

The aim of the game is to focus on the tie of the Facebook friends to "mob". Other mobs are attacked after the establishment of the connection.

There are many paths to do down in the game. It gives totally a different experience for each person in the game.

To build up points, you need to grow your mafia to a massive size.Great weapons is also necessary to have from the beginning of the day. The point is given by the godfather.

The attributes like attack, defense, energy and more gets increased by the points. The highest level in the game can be reached by Mafia Wars Cheats.

The growth and wealth of the mob family can be achieved by the Mafia Wars Cheats strategy.

There are certain tactics followed to play game. Friends are need to be annoyed constantly to join the game. Send invitations daily to your friends and families to play games. In any one of the ‘add me' pages in Facebook you can form link with other players.

The page can have thousand of player networks. Whenever players join mob family reciprocate them. Mafia War players can be a member for any number of mobs.

The most important fact to be note down by the family members are self defense. Funds will be slow initially. Growing wealth of the family is necessary to be focused on by the boss. Defensive tools are very essential and they are made sure by the boss for the families care.

Saving energy is one of the good options to win the game. Use energy packs only when there is need for it and not at all time.

The often strategies helps in the advancement of the Facebook Mafia Wars Cheats game. Stronger and wealthier mob can be build up by them. More weapons need to be purchased on for the family as wealth gets more accumulated by the family.

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