Face Painting For Bigger Kids

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Face painting is great to do with kids of all ages. Younger children love to get cupcakes, angels, sport logos, and other designs painted on their faces. Face painting is not just for young kids, though. Older children can get a lot out of face painting also.

One thing you can do with older children is let them paint their own faces. Now, you have to know the kids and know how responsible they are. Although older children can be more responsible, they're still children, if you know what I mean. Although done with paints that are designed to be painted on skin, there is still the problem of children having sharp objects (brushes) near eyes, not to mention the paint. If, however, the children are well behaved and also well supervised, letting them paint each others faces should not be a problem.

There are relatively few tools you need for painting faces. Brushes, paints, water, and sponges are really all you need. Two sizes of brushes will do, a medium to small brush and a very small brush for fine lines. Sponges need to be various sizes. You use them to spread paint on the skin. Water in a bowl to wash the brushes in is a necessity. Most important are the right paints. Only use real face paints, not water color or any other paints. Although less hazardous than they used to be, there are still toxic chemicals used in paints that are not rated for skin. Also the binder is different.

Let the children have fun and let their imaginations run free! If they want to paint each others faces in a crazy way...well, they're just kids and kids are creative. You'll want to have them paint in an area you can easily clean up. Although face paints are fine for skin, they're not that great for carpet, rugs, and clothing. Have the kids wear clothing that doesn't matter. Also, face paint outside. It's really easy to clean up and more fun!

You can provide kids with ideas for designs. Pictures work well, here. You can find great pictures online or on various websites. Also, there are a number of e-books you can get that have great designs on them.

Turn this face painting into a game! It would be great for a birthday party for older kids. Have them compete to see who can paint the craziest face!

To learn more about face painting for beginners, take a look at Lee's blog, Face Painting Help.

Lee Richards is an artist, and health enthusiast. For great ideas about face painting take a look at her blog, Face Painting Help, today!

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