EZFlash Vi: The Latest Gaming Gadget Must Haves Today

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Nintendo DS cards have revolutionizes from being a mere Nintendo DS accessory to a vital part of Nintendo DS. There is no doubt why its popularity is ever increasing, thereís just so much it do to make your average gaming into an experience youíll never forget. NDS cards are not just used for gaming. It can also be used as MP3 players, movie players and even read PDF and eBook reader. Thereís just so much that this gadget can offer. R4i used to be the number choice for all Nintendo DS enthusiast, but it turns out there are more to it than you can even imagine.

With the introduction of EZFlashVi you wouldnít believe what more it can offer. EZFlash came out in the latter part of DS card rave. This is a great device that enhances the functionality of the Nintendo DS, it has the maximum storage capacity that changes the perception of homebrew gaming. Itís seemed like it was the end of the DS card revolution but the DS team proved us wrong. With the introduction of EZFlash Vi apparently EZ Flash and R4i cards are a thing of the past.

EZFlash Vi Modifications

The architecture and designs of this card is just unimaginable. It is well thought out and has overcome all of the flaws in the old models. One example is the spring mechanism originally found on R4, this feature has been removed from the later models. This modification is done to minimize the number of mechanical parts in the DS card. This will help avoid unnecessary card malfunction that may possibly result by relying to these parts. Another modification done was placing the micro sd slot on the sides of the cartridge instead on top. It avoids the SD card from slipping out during gaming or losing it while in storage.

Features and Specs

Whatís great about the EZ flash Vi is the dimensional control. The size variation is very insignificant. The variation plays a very important role because the variation in the sizes of the DSi cards sometimes causes it to fit improperly on the console. With the small variation in size, the pins located at the back of the card strips the slot 2, if they not properly aligned together, data will not be read off the card. The dimensional control feature on the latest EZ Flash is a great solution to this problem. The firmware on the other hand has been upgraded to 1.4, which means that it can work on any gaming consoles available today. You donít need to upgrade it like the old R4 cards.

The EZ Flash Vi is also developed by the R4 team, which the first ever team to manufacture DS cards for Nintendo. This latest model is now released on the market, ready to be used without any programming or upgrading processes. In conclusion, this model is very high in quality and design. It is considered as an exceptionally gaming accessory must have of this generation.

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