Eyelash Extension method

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"Eyelash extension method of adding eyelashes to natural lashes is originated in Japan. This method of eyelash enhancement has gained more popularity since it has been around the late 1990s. doing eyelash extension help to add more length and thickness to eyelashes. Eyelash extension is quite the convenient method of add fullness to the natural eye. Like hair extension methods the eyelash extension is the most widely adopted method for improving the beautiful look of eye and eyelashes. The method of eyelash extension is the process of adding synthetic single fiber polyester thread materials to individual eyelashes. This will help to increase the thickness of eyelashes and you will get fuller eyelashes. Synthetic polyester thread like materials are applied to individual eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look.

The eyelash extension is the type of providing eyelash enhancement treatment. Eyelash extension is convenient and most commonly used method designed to bond to the natural eyelashes. That means with doing this we can easily improve or enhance the look of eyelashes. This method is also used for restoring the stripped eyelashes. The eyelash extension comes in different parameters and in different styles. This method of eyelash enhancement comes in different colors, length and in different thickness level. For doing this process it uses a special type adhesive to insert the synthetic fiber materials n between your eyelashes. the adhesive which used for eyelash extension should be of medical grade. If the artificial eyelashes or the synthetic polyester fibers are applied in between the eyelashes with the surgical grade adhesive you will get the natural look eyelashes. The procedure of eyelashes extension takes to insert a set of 30 -80 lashes per eye.

Compared to fake eyelashes the eyelash extension method applying one extension to one lash. Normally the eyelash extension process takes an average of two hours to completely fix a full set of eyelash extension to a pair of eyes. Depending on the growth of hair the eyelash extension may lasts from about two weeks to two months. As hair growth occurs in the eyelashes the artificial, extended eyelashes shedding naturally. Thus the falling out mechanism of extended eyelash compensates the growth of new natural lash hair. When doing extension of eyelashes you can choose the desired type lashes that are from different colors and in different lengths and thickness. There are different colors of eyelashes including brown, red, green, purple etc .Most people are choosing black color lashes for their eye, however, some others they like to add colored lashes to get an attractive look. The cost and time of doing an eyelash enhancement treatment is the same for different colored lashes.

The eyelash enhancement of extending the lashes not only doing with the artificial synthetic polyester fiber thread material but also you can add natural eyelash of other individuals. The method also uses the inserting of natural human lashes to each lash to make a thick eyelash. This task of attaching the original natural lash of another individual to one's eyelash is a special task that the selection of donor lash is somewhat a tricky task. This task involves carefully separating the natural lashes form the donor eyelash with fine pointed tweezers. The fine pointed tweezers help to reveal healthy eyelashes. Then dipping the extension eyelashes in the surgical grade adhesive and attached to the natural eye lashes. Thus the extension covers the lashes area fully to get the natural look. When considering the result after getting eyelash enhancement this expensive method is quite practical. Many women are spending lot of money for extending the eyelashes that they looking for something frivolous so they seems it to be the only simple and safe form of eyelash enhancement. Eyelash enhancement help to retain the natural beauty of your eyes.

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