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Eye Serums have become quite popular in recent years. When people hear the word "serum"

they think of an advanced treatment. It certainly has medicinal ring to it. It certainly

sound more storied than say a "cream" or a "gel." The answer is quite simple. It's an under

eye application that is used to treat the various signs of aging. Of course, dark circles

are a common sign of aging that many people struggle with treating. Also included in this

category would be eye bags, puffy eyes, and thinning skin. It's a fact that the skin under

the eyes loses its elasticity before skin on other parts of the body, and eye serums can

help promote plumping of this skin and actually work to restore lost collagen.The only

difference in the three of these anti aging applications on a technical level is viscosity.

An eye serum is more viscous than an eye cream or eye gel. It usually is dispensed as a

yellowish fluid, almost like the color of mucous. When I think of an eye cream, I certainly

think of a firm, lotion-like texture.

An eye gel certainly leads one to believe the formula is dispersed in a clear, sticky

manner, much like gel used in hair styling products. Well, this is not the case. Marketing

minds use these terms with zero bearing on their viscosity and simply pump out products with

either a serum, gel, or cream title to them. There is no correct answer as to what is best

between creams, serums, or gels. While they all work to perform similar relief to the under

eye area, each product depends on one thing - the formula. The main thing to keep in mind as

you shop for an under-eye treatment is that you should read plenty of consumer reviews.

With many of the products out there making over-the-top claims, it's hard to decipher which

products really work. There are many great eye cream review sites out there on the web, and

in a future post I will examine different sites and go into great detail about what to look

for.Specifically formulated to treat delicate eye area. Fine lines around the eyes (and

mouth) will soften, smooth and become less noticeable. Your dark circles under eyes natural

treatment could be just as simple as getting more sleep, eating better, or using a high

quality skincare product especially made for that condition.

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