Eye Makup Tips

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Makeup should emphasize beauty and highlight your best features, not become a mask for which to hide. It is the eyes, the windows to your heart and character that are seen first. Your eyes create a focal point for creativity, fun, and elegance. Therefore, how to apply eye makeup, it is necessary to create balance and harmony to reveal your true beauty.

There are various different forms of eye shadow available, including loose powders, pressed powders, liquids, and creams. Powders are by far the most common type available.

Great news - putting your eye shadow is not exactly very difficult at all. This is really just a matter of finding the right technique pf putting your eye shadow and look for you and your personal style. Do not worry if it takes a few tries to get it right. Check out the following eye makup tips:

To begin, it's best to be in front of a good magnifying mirror, so that your eyes are magnified sufficiently to see very clearly what you are about to do and ensure a smooth application of the liquid eyeliner.

A tip when applying liquid eyeliner is to apply it as close as possible to the eyelashes, even running into the eyelashes. This will avoid you getting that annoying white line effect between the lashes and the liner when the two don't meet.

Always apply a base coat of the eye as you make the other cheek. Loose work force, or you can apply the foundation to the eye area. This also gives you a nice palette to work with.

Dark or light? There are many ways in which to apply your eye shadow. Most will apply a darker shade of eye shadow to the area right above the eyelashes. Then, right under the eyebrow, apply a lighter color. You can mix and match the colors that fit with your tastes. You can even apply a thin layer of a darker eye shadow under the eye right next to your lower eyelashes. This will give a more dramatic look.

For more emphasis, apply a pearly white or ivory in the inner corner of the eyes and above the brow bone to highlight the eyes. Blend carefully so that the shadow highlights and does not appear as a polka dot in the corner of the eye or a harsh line below the brow.

When it comes to your eyebrow, you can use a pencil. A perfect eyebrow must begin where the pencil makes the alignment with your lips' outer edge and your eye's inner corner. It is also important to get rid of all the stray hair located underneath the brow and not from its upper portion. Plucking the stray hair above the eyebrow would only ruin the shape of your brows.

Do not forget that while practicing all these steps must be taken to realize that what works best for you. Practice alone, practice with a friend, or if it is easier to ask someone else's opinion.

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