Eye Circles- The Hidden Truth

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Every woman has encountered the fight with dark under-the-eye circles. Whether it be from lack of sleep, poor diet, stress, illness, or aging, the real deal is how to get rid of it.

Foundations have been involved in many women's basic beauty regime for decades, but it doesn't actually hide those unwanted dark eye circles, as a matter of fact, it more often make them more noticeable. Foundations are thick and applying a rose-tinted foundation may look great on the cheeks, but it will only bring out the purple hues of dark eye circles.

The most effective product to use to hide eye circles is a concealer. They retract the light, causing the eyes to look brighter,and are much lighter than a foundation, so are less likely to crease and flake in the fine lines around the eyes. Before you choose a concealer, however, you need to be aware of your skin tone as well as the problem you are trying to conceal. A yellow-based concealer is best for minimizing dark purple eye circles, but for red-hued circles, you're better off with a green base to neutralize the redness. A general rule is that your concealer should be a couple shades lighter than your foundation.

You should also be aware of your skin type. If you have oily skin, it's best to stick with mineral-type concealers to diminish oiliness. If your skin is thin, look for something that is high in vitamins and emollients to nourish the eye area and strengthen the capillary walls.

Liquid foundations should be applied first, with concealer over top for the best effect, but if a powder foundation is your base, then use the concealer first. Either way, a gentle dabbing is all that is needed to produce the best coverage. rubbing will pull and stretch the delicate skin under the eye.

A little time and dedication can make eye circles your own little secret.

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