Extracurricular activities for kids - what to choose?

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Kids these days have a huge variety of extra-curricular activities they can choose to participate in. Getting involved in different pastimes is a great way to make new friends and develop new skills as well as having fun, although choosing what activities to do can be harder than it sounds. With such a huge range on offer, especially in Australia, it can be tempting to go overboard and enrol in 17 different dance, sport and music classes! Try to start with just one or two different activities and then join more if your child is still itching to try out something else. All of the different pastimes have their pros and cons and will be suited to different children.

Dancing – Dancing is a great way to develop co-ordination, flexibility, musicality and discipline particularly in young girls. It can also provide a great medium for shy children to gain confidence and come out of their shells. Although it can be an expensive activity - when you add up the cost of uniforms, lessons and costumes - it may turn out to be an endless source of enjoyment for your child.

Music - Children can develop a profound sense of self-expression through music. Music lessons, which children can start as early as three years of age, enable the development of a sense of rhythm and melody that is harder to teach to adults. Singing, clapping, playing the drums and eventually learning to read music can provide children with skills they use throughout their lives. Free music classes are often held at public libraries, such as Leichhardt Library in Sydney and East and North Melbourne Libraries.

Sport - Sport is the most popular extra-curricular activity amongst kids because it is so accessible and there are such a huge variety of sports they can play. Almost every child is bound to find something they enjoy playing, whether it is a team sport like soccer, netball, rugby or hockey or an individual sport like swimming, athletics or tennis. Swimming is arguably the most vital sport a child can learn because of the valuable life skills it provides. Most public schools will offer a swimming program in the summer terms.

If the costs of extra-curricular sport are adding up, keep in mind that schools also have compulsory physical education programs included in the curriculum. This ensures all of the kids get a good run around! Australian school uniforms for boys and girls usually have a sports outfit, lessening the financial burden, as you don’t have to buy a different outfit for every PE class.

Out-of-school activities don’t have to cost the earth and nor do they have to take up every afternoon of the week. The most important thing is that your child is having fun participating in their chosen activities. And hey, if they happen to become a professional golfer one day, you just might be in luck…

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