Expressing Yourself By Writing Message Instead Of Calling Him/Her

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They say the best way to express you is to write. I agree, because it is far simpler than talking. And really, one can express oneself better while writing, because there is a lot of thought given to it, and when you speak you have to be spontaneous. Maybe that is the reason there are so many writers and poets and that`s why mobile phones which were a talking instrument, were introduced with SMS messages, took over the pagers and as time passed SMSs became more and more popular and for smaller conversations like I will reach at 6:00 PM people started sending message instead of calling and then we saw the advent of SMS chat.

SMS are quite popular with the young generation, and most of them send message on the occasions like birthday, New Year or any festival (there are so many contacts in your contact list, you can not call them all and even if you try, you find them busy in such a day). But still there is a problem. Though subscribers have provided the users with bulk message tariffs but still they are not free. And people eventually look for the free mobile SMS and on the days when there is no respite in the tariffs it becomes more important. And that is why some websites have jumped into the foray and are providing free SMS for mobile services. All the user needs to do is to register himself on the website and he can send free SMS all over the country. And while sending free SMS from these sites, he does not have to worry about the expenses, as it is free.

There are categories of the messages as per the tastes of the users and the latest trends. You can see festival SMS, Love SMS, insult SMS, funny SMS, friendship SMS, God SMS, quotes etc available for the user to send as per the occasion. And you can also send Hindi SMS or English SMS or even Hindi Shayari. With free messaging available all you need to worry is about the size of the message. Here you can send SMS at 160 characters per message, which is still greater than the micro-blogging site twitter. You can even create different groups for your contacts & send the same message to your friends by group messaging.

To express your feelings in the form of a poem or something rhyming does not sound so good when you say it but looks stupendous when you write it and send it. So, try to woo her by sending a great love poem and you will see the effects.

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