Exploring your Bloom Phone Camera

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Exploring your Bloom Phone Camera

In our last post we have discussed some techniques to take the best shots. Let us read further to explore the features of your phone and master the art of photography using Bloom Smartphone

Panorama Shot
In order to capture images with elongated view, the panorama mode is used. It is sometimes known as wide format photography. Bloom Smartphones allow to create panoramic shots by combining nine shots together into one larger picture.

Now,let us get through the shooting technique to master the same.

1)Identify the area you want to capture. The distant shots which can be seen in one clear eye vision are the best shot for the Bloom smartphone cameras, usually for any camera with panorama shot mode.

2)Try not to capture images of the moving objects, trees and grass moving due to wind, moving animals, etc. as it may not give the desired results

3)Keep the Bloom smartphone camera close to your eye. move from left to right to ensure that you can keep yourself and camera aligned and straight against the horizon. Do not try to move the camera while taking the shot, instead, move your upper body keeping the camera close your eyes all the time.

4)Remember the start and the end point of your photographing area. Start with putting the starting point on your left and shoot the first picture. Gradually move the camera towards the right until the pointer is at the center of the frame. Technically, you will be overlapping the images by nearly 50% But you dont have to really worry about the same. Keep taking the pictures until you get to the end point.

5)Once you are done taking the pictures, Check the image at least once to ensure that the images are captured as expected.

Smile Detection

Who donít like smiling faces? And it is really tough but a most treasured moment to capture when kids smile. Itís actually tough to get them to the mood and make them ready to pose for the image. Smile detection in Bloom Smartphone is a feature which is designed to activate the shutter the moment the subject smiles. When smile detection is enabled, the camera itself chooses the exact time to take a picture after the user has composed the shot. Let us note some tips for capturing better smiling faces

Do not cover eyes
Do not cover face by hat, sunglasses, etc.
Give a clear smile with visible teeth. A smile where teeth are shown are easily identified by the camera

Face Detection

Similar to Smile detection mode, the Bloom smartphones are loaded with face detection feature as well. Face detection mode assumes that there are people in the frame and you would like to capture their faces in the image. The feature automatically detects the location of the faces before the shot is captured.

Timed shot

A group picture is always best if no one from the group is left behind or good to keep those pics where you both are available. Timed shot feature of the Bloom Smartphone camera will allow you to take the picture after a selected delay in seconds. This gives the person taking the shot to quickly join the group and adjust himself or herself into the frame. This feature is great for those persons in the family or group who are always behind the camera and leaving a question behind whether they were there in those outings or family pictures or not.

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