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Nowadays vacations itself have become repetitive in their actions with nothing more to do than hurriedly cram in sightseeing and otherwise laze around in the hotel. For such people who are looking for a different type of vacation, a vacation that does not mean idling in the rooms of a hotel or driving around a city in a car, an adventure filled vacation on the Italian Riviera is just the thing.

The Italian Riviera is a spectacular destination to head for a vacation. For the staid traveler, the tried and tested vacation consists of nothing more than beaches, nightclubs and restaurants whereas for the adventurist at heart one can find vacations that allow you to experience the Riviera in a completely different manner while cycling or walking.

There are two options for those tourists who want to have an active vacation, either take a cycling tour of the Riviera or participate in Nordic Walking. These are two activities that can be done by any sports or adventure enthusiast. You need not be in complete athletic form for these two hence they are open to all.

The cycling tours that are organized on the Riviera are based in local cities that have the right environment and geography to allow for cycling. There are various small cities that you can choose from depending on where you want to go for your tour. You can also choose the level or intensity of your tour as different routes are earmarked for tourists based on their difficulty level and physical prowess needed to be able to do them comfortably.

These tours generally involve considerable distances of road cycling through the Riviera and if one takes such a tour one can enjoy and experience all that the cities on the Adriatic coast have to offer. The tours take you through the scenic destinations and the winding roads allowing you to digest and explore the beauty of the area in a relaxed manner. Road cycling will also allow you to get in shape during your vacation as an added advantage!

For those of us who are not so keen on cycling another activity in the form of walking is available. Nordic Walking is a style of walking developed in Finland to help people improve their posture and overall fitness. This walking is done with the help of two sticks as assists to help keep your posture while at the same time helping you walk better.

There are actual classes and training that are provided to people new to the activity. Trained instructors first teach the basics followed by long treks in the woods and on the beach. For those who are just getting initiated into physical culture and have not been training beforehand, walking is the better option as it is an actual training course without being too arduous. If you want to get started looking for such a vacation, you could try having a look at Ferretti Sport, a venture that has tie ups with many hotels and cities.

Both Nordic walking and cycling are activities that will not only enliven your vacation but also allow you to become physically fitter. Organizers like Ferreti Sport not only provide you with routes, and cycling and walking apparatus but also provide packages for accommodation that are specifically designed with diets and supplements in built into the package. The packages are designed to cater to the needs of individual athletes to touring families.

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