Explore the difference between 3D and 2D Flicks in a matter of minutes

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The big banner studios and branded television manufacturers are all advertising 3D as the must watch and must have electronics for all the buffs impressed by the technology.

Ask those who have small children at home and frequently ask the elders to watch new 3D movie released and above all with all the created hype two three movies are simultaneously released in 3D to attract more and more audience. Especially if we notice nowadays every next animated family movie is brought in 3D. Watching a 3D movie is a cool experience and after a while no one actually realizes that the watched movie is in 3D keeping aside the geeky 3D glasses heavily set on your eyes make you realize that the movie is shot in 3D.

May be not for all but personally for few like me, once engrossed in the movie we forget the fact that the movie watched is formatted in 3D. Therefore investing on this entertainment seems to be of lesser value and even the reports tally that 77% of the population thinks that 3D movie tickets are costly and the 3D glasses are also handed at an extra cost.

But this is the actual purpose of a 3D movie, to make you engross in the special effects with charmed animated characters and dramatic storyline. This incremental technology from reel-to-reel projectors to DLP, the level of immersion from DLP to 3D is wonderfully portrayed in the movies and when the script gets diminished you acknowledge yourself attentively focusing on the special wonderful visual effects than the narration.

No matter how much the ticket costs, I always make sure that its worth to spend on real 3D movie like Avatar rather than the ones which are transformed into 3D at the last minute and creating a fake buzz about being released in 3D. Engraving improper techniques into the movie is always disappointing as enough time is needed to design the movie in 3D. James Cameron himself stated that a 2D movie takes atleast six to eight months to properly be converted into 3D. But the lately released 'Clash of the Titans' took merely six to eight weeks for the transition. Results are very well in front of us.

So better don't take the viewers for granted as they can actually make a difference in minutes and can very well point out that the 3D version of the movie is annoyingly unimpressive and unspectacular. The most pestering thing is that it transmits a negative vibe against the originating popularity of the fascinated technology - 3D or The Third Dimension.

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