Experience the Polished Plaster Look – it is Affordable!

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Has it ever happened that when you've entered a room, instead of greeting the people inside, you were lost staring at the polished plaster finish? The intriguing colours and texture charmed you to such an extent that for a few seconds you found yourself lost in the enchanting schema of the room. Completely mesmerized, you had your eyes looking at the finer details of the exquisite designs scattered throughout the room.

If yes, then you know what it is to be captivated by polished plastered spaces. Polished plaster is an interesting substitute to the wallpapers or paints that you have otherwise been using to decorate your interior. It is a look which has a winning admiration from all and the reason is quite apparent. The decor bestows a look to the walls, dominated by panache. There is variety with a refreshing feel, which was until now lacking. In fact the walls add a zing of flavour, which is contemporary and yet classical.

This unique combination perhaps owes it origin to the artists of Roman times. Names like DaVinci are associated with the décor. It is the art which was prevalent years ago and then somehow faded in between, but was again rediscovered during the early sixteenth century by an Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Since those times there have been innovations in the field, which today are responsible for the exclusive look of the polished plaster finish.

Polished plaster can be trusted to be durable as well as looking beautiful. The finish can be waterproof; it does not chip off easily; and thus creates a lasting look. Fine plasters, lime putty and marbles are the key ingredients, which together with the various colours and application modes brings versatility to the final look. In fact there is little scope for errors or say imperfections. A good plasterer can try his hand at so many options, that no two looks can be exactly identical. If there is a creative person behind the task, you will have a beautiful, lasting finish, which will demand constant admiration from all.

But is expensive??

All man made beautiful things have a heavy tag to accompany it and perhaps it is for this reason that despite being completely tantalized with the look of the polished plaster finish, you decide better then to ask for the details of the company/individual behind the beautifully decorated room. And guess that is justified too; after all, interior designing is great, but perhaps too much of a lavish expenditure to consider.

Yes, in most cases that is true - polished plaster comes out to be quite expensive, but this is not the case with all companies. There are some companies that specialize in various polished plaster finishes to include Venetian, Tadelakt, Pitted, Travertine, Armuralia and Duturo with a price tag that is suitable for most pockets.

When looking for a company that specialize in affordable polished plaster, look for one with experience who know the skill of mixing and matching colours which produces the most luxurious looks for the walls, columns and ceilings. And despite looking lavish, some decorative plasterers play their part to keep the costs to as low as possible. To ensure imparting the elegant feel in a budgeted way, the decorators offer applications, which might not even require covering the whole place, but would be sufficient enough to create the true feel of polished plaster. Besides, as mentioned earlier, this plaster is a durable option and therefore your home would not incur redecoration expenses as frequently as before you had your home decorated in polished plaster.

Ian Kozlowski wrote the Article ‘Experience the Polished Plaster Look - it is Affordable!' and recommends you visit http://www.decor-bristol.co.uk for more information on polished plasterers.

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