Expenses in Australia

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There are many factors that need to be measured when deciding on moving to another country. On top of this list of factors are the expenses that you would need to pay for in order to live comfortably in your new home country. This is very much an issue if you choose to immigrate Down Under as these expenses in Australia may either break your back or help you adjust much more quickly. The following is a short list of expenses you would encounter when immigrating to Australia.

1. Employment Expenses. In order to have money, one needs to be gainfully employed. There are expenses though that accompanies being gainfully employed. The rule of thumb would be your expenses should only be at most ten percent of your income. Less this and taxes, you would at least have a little over half of your salary as take home pay for expenses in the home. Anything more than this would make your home life much more difficult.
2. Taxes. Taxes are your contributions to Australian society. There are direct taxes and indirect taxes that you pay. In Australia, there are income taxes and other levies directed to be paid by the individual as direct taxes. Indirect taxes are those like the cost of goods tax and other transaction or add on taxes when you pay over the counter.

3. Utilities. These are heat, fuel, electricity and telephone bills. These are basic necessities in the home that you need to pay for monthly. With the advent of the technological revolution, even mobile phone and internet services have become basic utilities in a home.
4. Food. Food costs vary according to taste and temperament. If you like cooking your own food, then most of your expenses in Australia would go to the grocer. On the other hand, if you like eating out, then this would be much more of a drain on your income since dining out is very expensive in Australia.
5. Education. One of the biggest expenses in Australia is schooling. Though there is a top-notch public school system depending on the state you reside in, it is still quite expensive since there are direct costs as well as indirect costs. If you opt for a private school, then matriculation would also be an expense. Otherwise, all the other expenses directed for school would have to prepare for and paid from your income.

These are but some of the costs you would encounter when in Australia. It has also been said in an online post that expenses in Australia "is almost certain to increase in the years ahead, probably at a faster rate than that in the UK, this will be partly offset by an increase in the standard of living, employment prospects and economic growth as a whole. Australia is a country which was for many years in the shadows but has now emerged with a new powerful economy that is attracting attention from all corners of the globe." Your investment now in the expenses in Australia would certainly pay dividends for you and your family.

This article has been provided by Jose Marc Castro, the online editor at Australia Forum.com - the primary community for Expats moving to Australia. The site also provides information and advisories on matters such as the expenses in Australia.

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