Expected Features on the iPhone 4G

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The latest iPhone was the iPhone 3GS. Many people anticipate that the iPhone 4G will be released roughly a year after the iPhone 3GS. There are a multitude of features that may be expected to be put in the new iPhone along with wish lists of features that may or may not have any chance of being implemented in the new design by Apple.

Biometric security is something that many people wish for in order to unlock their phone. Apple actually has some closed door plans or patents which have this feature implemented. This could actually cause more problems than it is worth though. Another innovative feature that people have thought about is instituting an RFID on the phone which would allow it to act like a car key or even a credit card.

Some new features that aren't exactly new but improvements include new speakers which would make the sound quality much better on the externals. Spectators also hope that the voice commands are more recognizable. It isn't a stretch that people wish to have the ability to speak and create and send texts and voice messages. Memory is something that has remained static through the iPhone with a variety of sizes being offered but many are unsure about if the smaller 8G and 16GB models will be released with a 4G because they sell for much less than the higher 16GB and 32GB models.

Many have also expressed wishes for the iPhone to be able to produce HD video output in both 720p and 1080i. Another feature that could increase the iPhones capabilities would be allowing an eternal keyboard even through Bluetooth methods. Applications need better organization as well because many claim that they need folders or perhaps categories to keep them organized if they have a large number. The new wireless signal from the iPod touch is expected to be implemented in the 4G iPhone which is 802.11n.

Video conferencing is yet another feature that many people wish to have. It could be accomplished by having the camera on the front instead of the back. Some have even hoped that they place lenses on both the front and back. Flash support has also been desired even if it drains battery. People hope that Apple will give them the ability to choose whether or not to drain their batteries by using it. Along with this, many want the iPhone to have a removable battery so that they can buy extras if they can't charge it for whatever reason.

4G has not been placed on AT&Ts network yet so it seems counterintuitive to call the iPhone 4G without having 4G coverage. Speculators have hoped that maybe other carriers such as Sprint or Verizon would be able to have Apple's iPhone.

All these improvements and additions are speculation and haven't been announced as final by Apple themselves. It is possible that they may include some of these features or ones that haven't been thought of yet. The only way to know for sure is to give it time.

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