Expansion of media and funny news

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News has become a commodity in the modern world. There are many sources of all kinds of news including funny news.
In the old times when people used to feel the need to know about any event they used to fall back on the word of mouth of their friends and relatives. Later after the invention of the printing press it became easy to read and document a certain kind of news and information in the written form. For a long time books used to be venerated for their use as a medium of mass communication as they were able to save a certain kind of information for a long period of time.

Later newspapers started getting published. They soon become popular with the masses as a means to know about all kind of news. Newspapers used to publish all kinds of news related to politics, economy, sports, etc. Later as the number of readers grew newspapers started to publish other information related content to expand their readership base. Soon people started to depend on newspapers for their daily dose of entertainment also. Newspapers also used to publish astrology, comic strips, etc to give more value to the readers. In attempt to cater to various segments of people they used to have specific pages for the youth and children also. Content related to religion used to cater to the old people.

As technology developed new mediums of mass communications got developed. Television has emerged as a popular medium with its content catering to the lowest common denominator. Due to the growth of several television channels people now have the options to see any programme related to their taste. There are now channels focused on entertainment, cinema, sports, animals, science, religion, etc. The advent of the Internet has changed the consumption of news completely. Now any person sitting in any part of the world is able to read any news related to any part of the world free of cost online.

Various sources of news also provide pieces of news related to human interest stories. Funny news are popular with the audience due to their human interest story value.


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