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Emotional eating refers to the habit of eating in order to tackle emotional challenges. Emotional eating is considered as one of the main reason for weight gaining. While a man with uncontrollable stress usually fell in emotional eating. The secret of controlling emotional eating is the secret of controlling your emotions. The triggers of emotional eating are several, ranging from stress, boredom, anxiety, anger, relationship issues and poor self-confidence. Emotional eating also results in an after eating guilt, in order to overcome which the person again resorts to gorging himself/herself with food. By following the emotion a person can get overweight. If you are finding it hard to tackle emotional eating, here are some tips to help you.
When you are in diet plan, Separate hunger from craving: Craving is not the same as hunger. Craving is the desire to eat something, whether you are hungry or not. for better results you have to give up carving. This is simply a struggle with yourself that you have to win. You have to win over your own mind; so you have to make your mind understand that emotional eating is not a solution to the problems you are facing. .

Find alternatives to eating: Whenever you are feeling the craving to eat, indulge in any activity that will divert your mind. Do away with your lazy attitude. Surfing the computer to learn something new, listening to music, going for a walk, talking to a friend, going through an old photo album, reading a book…there are endless activities for you to do other than eating once you have the motivation to find it. The best method is to do simple exercise. Exercises can amazingly lift up your mood.
do exercise regularly. By doing exercise it will help you in shaping the body and also it will keep you away from depression. You can try with some gym if you want or you can do skipping at home
Abstain from junk food: In emotional eating, a person often predominantly depends on junk food. Do take lot of fruits. Instead of using junk food it is better to take lot of fruits.
Drink sufficient water: Drinking sufficient water is important. Water will give you a feeling of freshness from within.

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