Exclusion of Mobile liability-“911 Communications”

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Today everyone wants to stay connected with latest Mobile application development technology.If you own a smartphone “911 Communication” is the must have iPhone application! This app is an emergency caller for the USA, Canada and some other countries too, This mobile application was specially developed for emergencies with the help of paramedics and medical doctors.No other emergency mobile application has the capabilities of 911 connect. What other app can communicate a distress message and include your location without one word being spoken.

“Families always want to stay connected"

Imagine that you hear an intruder in your home. You take your phone, run into a safe place and need to notify help, but can’t speak. You would be able to use your 911 emergency text to notify your contacts to contact the police. You won’t be in any state to text everything, the text is already preprogrammed in the app and will include a link with your current LOCATION! No one will ever hear you make that communication to your contacts insuring your safety and that of your loved ones!.Not only can you use this app when your unable to speak, but when you touch the icon it will automatically dial 911. When you have an emergency time is of the essence, using the traditional method of pressing each number then the send button waste too much time. Just the press of one button and you’re connected. You’ll have 4 seconds to cancel the request, just in case you press it by accident or need other options.

Special Features of iphone app 911 Communication:-

-This is the only app of this kind, which is certified by medical doctors and paramedics.

- shows you your current GPS position
- It calls the US, Canadian emergency call number 911
- It let the iphone vibrate, if it calls sucessfully (in case you can't see what you are doing)
- Works without sim card, or also with locked sim card too.
- For security reason the 911 number was compiled into the app so nobody can change it accidentally.
- Also if you’re in need of first aid guidance, this app has a tab for that. How to take care of a choking victim,
food poisoning, etc.
- Hearing impaired people, stroke victims and anyone else who’s unable to speak because of health reasons or different
circumstances can benefit from this invaluable app.

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