Excellent Chinese Oil Painting Artist Yan Peiming Arts Review

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Most of Yan Peiming's oil painting works are huge black and white portrait paintings, you will been shocked and have fear at first sight. These characters faces were been painted out wildly and haphazardly, as if they are mummies, as if they are rubber or leather masks which had been stretched out and distorted in S & M games, they were seemed strange and weird, paradoxical, dark, angry, terrible, full of strength as well as sadly.

Yan Pei Ming is specializes in the creation of huge size oil paintings, he like to create two-color paintings, most of his oil painting works are portraits. His oil painting works have participated in the Venice Biennale and other important international art exhibition.

In the evening of February 11, 2009, Yan Peiming held an art exhibition themed "Mona Lisa's Funeral" in Louvre, France. In this exhibition, Yan Peiming with gray tone, with projection-like manner, celebrated a funeral for Mona Lisa. He extended the mystical background Mona Lisa lived in, dotted with numerous skull heads. On both sides of the Mona Lisa there is the portrait of Yan Peiming, the side face to face is his withered aging father, who is witnessing the death of his son.

Chinese artist Yan Peiming is the first modern artist who is still alive and can held an individual art exhibition in Louvre.

Artist Yan Peiming Review:

Yan Peiming, male,who was born in Shanghai in 1960; In 1980 moved to Dijon, France;

1981-1986: studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Dijon, France;
1988-1989: Studied at the Paris Advanced Institute of Plastic Arts in Paris, France;
1993-1994: Studied at France College in Rome, Italy;
1995-now: Act as a professor at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Dijon, France.


1988: Studio 88 (Paris Modern Art Museum)
1991: Sports 2 (Pompidou Art Centre)
1993: China Avant-Garde Art (Berlin, Rotterdam, Oxford etc.)
1995: Venice Biennial
1997: Lyons Biennial
2000: Kwangju Biennial (Korea)
2000: Shanghai Biennial (China)
2002: Pusan Biennial (Korea)
2009: Mona Lisa's Funeral (Louvre, France)

In 2009, Yan Peiming held his individual art shows in China, France and U.S.A. respectively.

During June 19 to October 11, 2009, Yan Pei Ming launched his individual art exhibition themed with "Landscape in Childhood" in Lawrence Contemporary Art Centre in Beijing, with 34 paintings of huge size children portraits, he explained his understanding on poverty, hunger, inequality and war.

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I want to display you an art world with excellent Chinese oil painting works, and all these oil paintings are origined from famous and talent reputed Chinese artists, and I wish you could enjoy the art charms bought from these oil paintings and learn something valued from my simple introductions...

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