Excellent Chinese Oil Painting Artist Wang Huaiqing Arts Review

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The art temperament of Wang Huaiqing oil painting is just same as himself, which is delicate, of super fine qualities and tastes, and the same time bold and creative.

Critics said that Wang Huaiqing art has taken an "extremely sophisticated and yet moderate" way. In oil painting works created by artisit Wang Huaiqing works, structural factors concerned much in Chinese art traditions has achieved a modern transformation, and concrete paintings did not covered up the spirit of abstract, in his works the East cultural connotations is mingling well with Western skills of performance.

In general the relationship between style and imagery based on aesthetic sense, that is motions produce style, and style produces imagery, and emotion is the foundation, while the art imagery is a type of sublimation of emotions achieved by the trend of art sentiment and emotions, or that the imagery is the fruit of emotions. These theories are mainly referred a type of artistic conception, or a type of space, which is the pursuit to the artist conception pursued by ancient and modern artists, whole artist Wang Huai-qing has found his unique artist conception between "loose" and "dense" , which belongs to him only.

Artist Wang Huaiqing Arts Review:

Wang Huaiqing, male, who was born in 1944 in Beijing, former name Wang Huai. Studied in the Central Academy of Fine Arts and received a bachelor's degree in 1969, and received a master's degree in 1981. In 1987-1988 was as a visiting scholar at the United States OCU University. Now Wang Huai-qing is a first-grade artist in Beijing Academy of Painting, member of Chinese Artists Association, director of China Oil Painting Institute.

Representative Works:

"Portrait of Bole" (Collection by China Art Gallery),
"Demeanor of The Big Ming Dynasty" ;
"Evening Banquet Picture"
and so on.


"Wang Huai-qing Illustrations Election";
"Wang Huai-qing Collection of Wash Human Bodies";
"Wang Huaiqing Collection of Oil Paintings"

Main Awards:

Gold Prize awarded by China Oil Painting Annual Exhibition in 1991;

Bronze Prize awarded by "The 7th National Art Exhibition" in 1989;

The First Prize awarded by Beijing Municipal Art Exhibition" in 1984.

Main Exhibitions:

1980: Contemporaries Oil Paintings Exhibition (China Art Museum)

1982: French Spring Salon Exhibition

1987: Contemporary China Oil Painting Exhibition (New York)

1989: The 7th National Art Exhibition (China Art Museum)

1991: China Oil Painting Group Exhibition (China National Museum)

1993: China Art Museum Fine Paintings Collection Exhibition (China Art Museum)

1996: The First China Art Exhibition by China Oil Painting Institute (China Art Museum)

1998: China Art 5000 Exhibition (Guggenheim Museum, New York)

1998: Tradition and Review - Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition (Germany Embassy at Beijing)

1999: Wang Huaiqing Oil Painting Exhibition (Taipei Big Future Art Gallery)

1999: China Art Museum Collection Exhibition (China Art Museum)

1999: Gate of the Century (Chengdu Art Museum)

2000: Shanghai Biennial Exhibition (Shanghai Art Museum)

2000: 20 Century China Oil Painting Exhibition (China Art Museum)

2001: Science and Art (China Art Museum)

2003: Developing Times - China Art Museum 40 Anniversary Exhibition (China Art Museum)<

2003: The First Beijing International Art Biennial Exhibition (China Art Museum)

2003: The 2nd National Art Gallery Biennial Exhibition (Guangdong Art Museum)

2004: Marianne & Heinrich Lenhardt - Stiftung Couple Paper Collection Exhibition (German Kaiserslautern Pfalzgalerie Art Gallery)

2005: Wang Huaiqing Works Solo Exhibition (Hong Kong);

2005: The 2nd Beijing International Art Biennial Exhibition

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