Excellent Chinese Oil Painting Artist Shi Hu Arts Review

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The oil painting work "No Title, 2″ is obvious draw lessons from Cubist painting techniques. However, the work reveals charms of Chinese paintings entirely. This is a fruit created by the artists consciously, as well as exist unconscious factors. The road of East-meets-West, from the modern Chinese science and technology, to politics, to culture, is a common object pursued uninterrupted for generations.

Shi Hu's art is mainly lies in two aspects of ink paintings and heavy color paintings, sometimes he also created oil paintings and Chinese calligraphy works, but no matter what kind of materials and what type of artworks, his art are composed by two most important elements, namely lines and colors. It was also based on the most basic two aspects, he built his palace of art.

Artist Shi Hu Arts Review:

Artist Shi Hu, male, who was born in 1942 in Xushui county, Hebei Province, China;

In 1958, Shu Hu was admitted to enter the Beijing School of Arts and Crafts;

In 1960, to enter Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts;

In 1962, joined the army as a soldier;

In 1968, acted as a teacher in Beijing School of Arts and Crafts;

In 1969, began to engage in ivory carving and other craft;

In 1977, incumbent at People's Publishing House of Fine Arts;

In 1978, visited 13 countries in Africa, when returned his publication of the Art Collections of African Paintings from Nature shortly, and received much attention.

In 80's, 20th century, artist Shi Hu became one of representatives in Chinese artists, he held a number of art exhibitions successfully. From the 90s in the 20th century, Shi Hu began to achieve great success in overseas art world, and become one of the world's most influential Chinese artists, whose artworks record breaking high prices in the international market for many times.

His representative oil painting work "Yuen Teng Map" (350 × 899cm) with unique heavy colors create a performance of the modern history of Chinese people save the nation from extinction and struggle for survival, the picture is unparalleled resplendent, this work was collected by a overseas Chinese with 8,000,000 HKD in 1995.

In 1996, with the support of Mr. Zhu Dequn, abstract master, Lifetime Art of Academician of French Institute, as well as a number of famous artists in domestic and abroad, Mr. Shi Hu was selected as the President of World Chinese Artists Association.

In 2004, the People's Fine Arts Publishing House named 20 Chinese painters in 20th century, ,Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Liu Haisu, Li Keran and other art masters were selected, and the same time artist Shi Hu is also ranked.

Individual Art Exhibitions:

1982, Nanjing Museum;
1997, Hong Kong;
1988, Canada

Group Exhibitions:

China Modern Painting Exhibitions (U.S.A.)


"Art Collection of African Paintings from Nature (1979);
"Shi Hu Paintings Collection" (1985);
"Shi Hu Paintings Collection" (1988);
"Shi Hu Paintings Collection" (1998, Publisher: People's Fine Arts Publication House);

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I want to display you an art world with excellent Chinese oil painting works, and all these oil paintings are origined from famous and talent reputed Chinese artists, and I wish you could enjoy the art charms bought from these oil paintings and learn something valued from my simple introductions...

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