Excellent Chinese Artist Zhu Naizheng Oil Paintin Appreciation --- Young Girl

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Zhu Naizheng Figure Oil Painting Appreciation --- Young Girl

Painting Theme: Young Girl

Artist: Zhu Naizheng

Painting Category: Figure Oil Painting

Painting Size: 450*451

Created Year: 1982

About Artist Zhu Naizheng (1935.11---):

Zhu Naizheng, come from Haiyan county, Zhejiang province, China, and he began to study painting from his juvenile time, in 1953 he was admitted to the Central Academy of Fine Arts to study oil painting, and had studied under artist Wu Zuoren, Wang Shiguo, Ai Zhongxin

In 1958 after graduation he was allocated to work at Qinghai Province Literary Federation, and had been worked on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau for twenty-one years. In 1980 Zhu Naizheng back to the Central Academy of Fine Arts to act as a teacher, and had been acted as vice president at the academy.

Career: Former Vice-Chairman of Qinghai Artists Association, Professor, deputy director of the oil painting department, Vice-President, Academic Committee director at the Central Academy of Fine Arts, director of the China Artists Association, member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association.

Now Zhu Naizheng is a member of the CPPCC National Committee, director of Chinese Artists Association, commissioner of Oil Painting Art Committee at the Chinese Artists Association, Vice-Chairman of China Oil Painting Society, director, professor and doctoral mentor of the Academic Council at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Zhu Naizheng is good at figure oil painting and landscape oil paintings, his oil painting works are featured with fanciful conceives and rich poetic images and flavors.

* Zhu Naizheng Publications:

"Zhu Naizheng Sketch Election", "Zhu Naizheng Selected Works", "Zhu Naizheng 100 pieces of Ink-and-Wash Paintings," "Zhu Naizheng Elected Small Landscape Oil Paintings," " Zhu Naizheng 100 pieces of Small Paintings, "SIGNATUR" signature album(German publication), "Zhu Naizheng Selected Sketch Works" , "Contemporary Masters Series 125 - Zhu Naizheng", "Zhu Naizheng Art Taste", "Zhu Naizheng Sketch Works Collection" and so on.

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I want to display you an art world with excellent Chinese oil painting works, and all these oil paintings are origined from famous and talent reputed Chinese artists, and I wish you could enjoy the art charms bought from these oil paintings and learn something valued from my simple introductions...

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