Excellent Chinese Artist Chen Yifei Oil Paintin Appreciation --- HighLand People

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Excellent Chinese Artist Chen Yifei Oil Paintin Appreciation --- HighLand People

Art Theme: Highland People

Painting Artist: Chen Yifei

Painting Category: People Oil Painting

Painting Size: 188*255cm

Painting Media: Fabric

Creation Year: 1994

Bargin Price: RMB 2,860,000

Estimated Value: RMB 600,000-800,000

About Artist Chen Yifei:

Chen Yifei (4/14/1946 -4/10/2005) , was born in Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang.

In 1965 he graduated from the Shanghai Fine Arts College and entered the Oil Painting & Sculpture Creative Studio in Shanghai Art Academy, and acted as one of headers of the oil painting group.

After living in the United States since 1980, Chen Yifei focused on the Chinese themed oil paintings' research and creations. After years of unremitting efforts and has achieved outstanding success and Mr. Chen become a well-known Chinese artists at home and abroad.

During the 60-70 Chen Yifei created "The Yellow River", "Occupied the Presidential Hall ", "Strolling" and other well-known excellent oil paintings, which let him stand out from artists of the same age.

In 1980 Chen Yifei went to the United States with only 38 U.S. dollars to pursue a further study and captured a master's degree of art in 1984. Later he engaged in oil paintings producing in New York and held personal exhibitions in Washington, New York, Tokyo and other places.

Works of Chen Yifei had been sent to auctions on quality oil paintings that held domestic and in Hong Kong, and his work of oil painting "Highland Customs" has gained the highest auction price in Chinese oil paintings.

His oil painting works were been collected extensively by the Chinese Art Museum, the Chinese People's Revolutionary Museum and collectors at home and abroad.

Oil paintings created by Chen Yifei's are mainly themed with waterland scenery, music, music characters, classical ladies, as well as Tibet and so on.

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I want to display you an art world with excellent Chinese oil painting works, and all these oil paintings are origined from famous and talent reputed Chinese artists, and I wish you could enjoy the art charms bought from these oil paintings and learn something valued from my simple introductions...

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