Exactly Why All Of Us Deserve To Honor Birthdays

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Every single day is a similar day. Days change mainly in a couple of ways- weather conditions, sun rising and sunset time. Otherwise all the days are identical. The sun soars in the east and sets in the west. It's been going on for billions of ages and will proceed, right up until the cosmos collapses. Then why do we treat one day different than all of the others? The difference just isn't in the day, but also in our moods, needs, perspective, disappointment, meetings and non meeting achievements, failures etc. If what tends to make us feel good transpires on a day, we call it a fantastic day. Else, it is usually called a dull or boring day, or a useless day or whatever.

So, exactly why do we like our birthday? Why do we enjoy it? How come we feel great about it? I mean the majority of us. For some people including me, a birthday is usually the same as any other day. So let us talk of individuals who celebrate their birthday. They do it because they were delivered on that day. Am I right? Nonetheless is their birth a cause of excitement? Just what exactly have they done to celebrate? Billions of people inhabit the earth, so what exactly is so great about a single person?

Returning to this issue,these are philosophical enquiries which will make us fully grasp ourselves, and our association with the world better. I'd personally say that if you are a supportive man or woman, you're a great person. No matter whether you are neither rich nor popular. I would claim that if you can help another forget his/her pain for sometime, you are a fantastic person. I would claim, if you give some money without hesitation for a cause, you happen to be good person. When you cheer up another person, you're a good person. If you're able to help the environment with even the littlest act, you are a good person, and your birthday should be celebrated.

Our birthdays should make us contemplate more of ourselves, our behavior, our beliefs, our integrity, our gentleness, our compassion, our ambitions, our desires, our helping hand, our drive to wipe away tears and every other act or thought that can make us a greater person. We must celebrate our birthday if we wish, but along with day, all of us must add one more positive quality to ourselves. That will give us increased happiness than any other celebration. One feels worthy and good, only if one is genuinely so. We can deceive people in to feeling that we are good, however we can't deceive ourselves. For getting joy in our heart, we must ourselves feel that we are good people. Let us decide to add one good quality to ourselves on our birthday and let us enjoy it. Better, let us make up your mind to do one good work each day. No happiness will match that happiness, because happiness cannot be bought or borrowed. We feel happy and good about ourselves, only if we have self-esteem that comes primarily from doing good acts.

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