Exactly How Does MagicJack Work, And Why So Cheap?

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With MagicJack being so cheap, people ask, how does MagicJack work? Caller ID, call waiting, voice mail and directory assistance makes people think that this is one of too good to be true products you see on TV all the time.

That's exactly what I had thought when first I heard about it. I was one of those people, but I gave it a try and been using it as my home phone since January 2008. Answering the question, does MagicJack work? - Yes it does. The two years using it has shaved a cool 96.4% off of what I would have paid with my old landline phone service.

How does MagicJack Work?

The difference from other VoIP providers and MagicJack is in a couple of ways.
First - like a USB flash dive Magic Jack plugs into your computer not your modem. Plugging into the computer and not a modem make this device a totally portable unit, that will work on any computer with high speed internet. Your computer must be running to receive a call which is only a slight problem.

Preloaded software in loaded on a memory chip on a small circuit board within the Magic Jack dongle. The setup process is initiated when the dongle is plugged into the USB port. Software is not installed on your computer. Once setup completes the soft phone appears on your computer screen. Anyone can use this type of VoIP technology because of its simplicity.

Second - for a full year all local and long distance calls are free once the initial price of $39.95 is paid, for the device and first year of service. You can renew once every year for $19.95 to keep service. Absolutely no monthly fees apply within the US and Canada. If needed, you can purchase low cost minutes for international calling.

Just plug your phone in the back of the Magic Jack and start making free calls. You can add information and phone numbers to your contacts list within the soft phone. Incoming or outgoing phone numbers are stored and displayed on the soft phone until you erase them.
Like an email your voice from your phone is sent across the internet using MagicJack to transform it to digital.

Why so cheap?

Other VoIP companies having cost; in leasing the networks of switches and gateways needed to connect calls, as to where Magic Jack does not. This is what is making it possible for them to offer a less than $20.00 a year for full phone service.

MagicJack was invented by Dan Borislow who founded the XMAX communications corporation a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) certified Telecom Company that is the parent company of Magic Jack allowing free access to its telecom networks of switches and gateways where other VoIP services pay a fee. Essentially Magic Jack is making money from other VoIP companies leasing their network of switches and gateways.

You can find out more about MagicJack issues at How Does MagicJack Work or http://www.MagicJack-Info-3@blogspot.Com Some people said that this company wouldnâ''t last a year. This company is in its 3rd year now and sign up more people each month then the month before.

The space on the soft phone no being used by MagicJack may be sold in the future to advertisers.

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