Evolis ID card Printers-The ID card printer for all your needs

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There are a number of reasons why you need an efficient and quick ID card printing machine. It can be used as an attendance management system for employees. They can be used to issue photo IDs at various locations like seminars, workshops, exhibitions and other larger gatherings where you need to quickly photo IDs as quickly possible. In this respect, Evolis card printers are the best of the rest in the ID card printer market. They have all the features that are demanded of a standard ID card printer. Evolis features speedy printing, robust security features and the cost-effectiveness that every customer is looking for in any ID card printer. Evolis has also climbed to the top ten list of the best selling ID Card Printer because of the superb design that has been employed on Evolis ID card printers.

Evolis ID Card Printer are plastic card printers that are simple to use with an easy to use interface. They are both single sided as well as double sided ID card printers. On average these ID card printers have a rated printing speed of 150 cards per hour for colored printing and 1000 cards per hour for monochrome printing. For both modes Evolis card printers print at a resolution of 300 dpi. As mentioned above Evolis plastic card printers, the speed of these ID card printers makes them the best candidates for exhibitions, workshops, seminars and conferences where you need speedy ID card printing with the highest quality possible. This is possible due to the latest in printing technology employed by Evolis ID card printers that delivers high-definition photo ID cards and badges within seconds. This solution also benefits from the encoding technologies keeping both speed and security as a mainstream feature of Evolis card printers.

Next feature is the security provided by the Evolis ID card printers. They offer standard encoding options like magnetic stripe encoding using the ISO 7811 HiCo/LoCo or JIS2 standards, a contactless encoding unit for contact cards and contactless (RFID) smart cards. These card encoding units use the Mifare, DesFire, HID iCLASS and other types of card encoders which are available upon request at Evolis printers.

Evolis plastic card printers also come with a 100 card feeder which is detachable allowing you to convert the ID card printer into an aesthetic over the counter display because of the manual feeding option that allows you to print your badges card by card for instant delivery to the holder.

Lastly, the Evolis card printer comes with a eMedia Card Designer Software for designing and editing badges. The printers also allow you to connect the ID card printer to an Ethernet network and allow you to connect with Microsoft Excel databases to use as an employee management and card issuance system to maintain attendance and even remotely access the ID card printer from anywhere within the domain of the network.

The Evolis card printer are always at the forefront of design and innovation keeping aesthetics, security and speed as the three important features that are important to all ID card printer users.

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