Everything you ought to know when choosing cricket bat

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Some important points to remember when choosing a cricket bat:
First, you should have some knowledge about size of cricket bat. The length of the bat should not be longer than 38 inches. The blade and the handle are the two parts of the bat that you should look at.
Always choose a bat based on your height and size of hand. It does not matter if the handle is long or short. Just choose what you are comfortable with. Make sure that the total length of the bat is not more than 38 inches as it is the maximum length of a cricket bat.
You must choose which type of wood or willow you want for the batís blade. English willow is considered as the best material for the blade. It is a soft fibrous wood that has an excellent bounce back capacity when the ball is hit through t he middle or center of the blade. There are lower quality bats. These lower grade bats are made up of Kashmir willow. Kashmir willow is a little harder compared to the English willow and is more brittle too.
Test how the cricket bat of your choice performs. The good kind of blade will make the ball bounce high or make it spring high. Bat blades of inferior quality will make a cricket ball bounce lower and will make the ball seem lifeless.

Ask for help when you shop bats to help you choose the right size, weight and general construction of the bat.
Cricket bats
are used for playing the game of cricket. Being made up of willow wood, cricket bats were designed in 1600ís. Cricket bats are paddle shaped.This provides better strength to the bat. The front portion of the bat which is flat in shape is used to hit the cricket ball. Cricket games are also referred to as bat sports. Smaller versions of the bat are called junior bats.

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