Everything you ought to know about label applicators

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Many companies are buying label applicators for applying labels on products, containers or packages. You can find different types of labeling machines in the market from automatic, semi-automatic to manual applicators. Some labeling machines are designed in such a way that they are used to apply labels on certain specific items or products, while others are meant for use in different types of packages, containers and products. With so many labeling machines, a company can find out which would suit their requirement and use it. Different companies use label applicators to different purpose. Like one company will use it to apply shipping addresses and product information on the cartons, while another may use it to apply bar codes and prices.

Label applicators are used by many industries from agriculture, electronics, gifts, cosmetics to pharmaceuticals. Some major benefits of label dispenser are decrease in cost and operative fatigue. Maintenance cost is less and easy to activate. Small companies use manual applicators as they are portable and easy to use. They are divided into three as label caddies, hand held and table top applicators. Label caddies are easy to use and they can also hold many rolls. Table top applicator manually dispenses label. When a person has to stick labels on various parcel boxes or product bags hand held applicator is considered best. This type of labeling machine can be kept on a countertop or table top due to its small size. In addition, it can be carried easily from one place to another as it is portable.

Advantages of buying quality labeling machine:
• Increases efficiency of operator
• Low maintenance increases life of machine
• Low power consumption
• Minimum rejection percentage creates better image of your company

Automatic label dispenser reduces labor cost and increases the profit of the company. In addition, other benefits include speed, quality, cost and flexibility. Many big organizations or concern use this machine as it can manage multiple role address tags. This equipment can carry out the whole function from making a tag to putting it on the box or a packet.

Semi automatic label dispensers are meant for medium sized industries. They are divided into two types: Front/back and Product eject. This type of machine is specifically designed for bottle labeling where both in front and back labels are set up.

Labeling machines can be used for both business and personal use. Some machines are meant for placing address labels on envelopes and packages, while others are meant for label compact dkscus (CDs), digital video disc (DVD’s) and videos. If you notice personal labeling machine is likely to be lower in cost than business one. Buy one based on your requirement. Mostly small scale companies buy a manual dispenser for their day to day requirement.

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