Everything You Need To Know About Portable Fire Extinguisher

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A portable fire extinguisher is a very important fire equipment because it can help stop a small fire from spreading throughout the whole building. Every house should have at least one fire extinguisher while big buildings should have more than two in each floor or depending on how big the location is. When you use a portable fire extinguisher, you can let people evacuate immediately while the fire is being stopped from spreading---thus saving people's lives as well as your structure.

Not all people know about a portable fire extinguisher and most of them even ignore it. While it helps in stopping fire, most people see it as a nuisance or an eyesore, especially when it hasn't been used for a long time. While this is the case, we should never take a portable fire extinguisher for granted because it is one of the fire equipments that can save our lives. So, here are some things you need to know about portable fire extinguishers.

For one thing, a portable fire extinguisher can't be put anywhere. They should be placed on a location that's easy to reach by anyone when fire comes. So, never put them inside the closet, behind the curtains or on any location that have hindrances in getting the fire extinguisher. You can put it in one corner of the room where people don't usually walk around, but make sure it can easily be seen. If you don't want it on the floor, you can hang the portable fire extinguisher five feet above the floor so not-so-tall people can reach it. Always make the location convenient so it will be easy to save people from fire.

A portable fire extinguisher comes in four classes that are based in different type of fires. Getting the right fire extinguisher for your structure is very important in ensuring fire safety and having the wrong one could lead to destruction of people and properties. To be sure, here are the classes you need to know.

For small structures such as houses, Class A portable fire extinguisher is perfect to put out fires caused by combustible materials such as paper, cardboard and wood.

Class B fire extinguisher is for flames caused by flammable materials such as kerosene, oil, and gas.

When it comes to electrical equipment like appliances and wiring, the Class C fire extinguishers are the one for you. They're filled with foam and powder and are pressurized with nitrogen to easily put off electrical fires as there won't be any electrical shock caused by water and electricity put together.

If your building have chemicals and other laboratory stuff, better get the Class D fire extinguisher.

These fire extinguishers will help you in picking the right fire extinguishers, but if you're still having a hard time with it, better get Brickyard Fire Protection to help you. They know everything about a portable fire extinguisher as well as ensuring fire protection and safety in your structure. They will truly help you with your fire dilemmas, so you don't have to worry about it. If you want to know more about a portable fire extinguisher and their other services, visit Brickyard Fire Protection at .

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