Everything you have to know to prank call

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Tips and hints for a effective prank call

In the event you haven't carried out a prank call it can be really amusing, as well as if you have been on the receiving end of a prank call, following the initial aggravation wears off nearly all folks can acknowledge to the humour behind it. Organizations have already been made with the only aim of offering prank call experiences, where for a fee a pre-recorded message may be sent to the phone number of your choice to prank them, you may also listen in as it's occurring.If you need to attempt a prank call for yourself, here are some ideas you should use.

An important thing to bear in mind is that whilst prank telephone calls are funny, making them to the emergency services isn't funny and is dangerous!

First determine if it's worthwhile.
Is the man or woman you are about to prank likely to take it well or gonna offer good chit chat? And is the laugh you are thinking of pulling even worthwhile? Phoning anyone to yell a one word insult or an over-used joke isn't gonna win over any one.

After that pick your target, could it be a pal that has been giving you somegrief? a brother or sister who deserves it? Pick the target properly and customise your prank call to irritate each individual to the max.

Block your caller I.D. If you do not wish to look an idiot and be caught out right away, it's extremely tough to pull a successful pranl call if the individual you are phoning is aware it is you, and there is less chance you will get in any trouble as a result!

plan what you're going to say and have a practice repeating what you're going to say, this should help you when you get through to the particular person, preventing you from stumbling through the conversation or falling apart into a fit of giggles. It's also good to plan the general play of your phone call, are you going to be an irritated neighbour, an angry dad, or a baffled nana.

Disguise your voice! Attempt using an accent.
Try a cheeky cockney lad, an angry Scottish dad or a Swedish chef seeking restaurant guidance. Placing a ridiculous spin on the discussion can generate some random and unpredicted replies from the target, making it all the funnier. Do not drag it out for too much time however, the target may at some point guess it is a prank call and if you can finish the conversation on a high, it will be a much more thriving prank.

If you want to test some thing a bit different and you've got use of 2 telephones, call two distinct numbers and set the two mobile phones on speakerphone and make them talk to one another! This could be like guesswork, but can turn out some brilliant exchanges, and it's a great option if you don't feel you have the self-confidence to talk to somebody directly.

The main purpose is to have fun and the accomplishment of the call is by the by if you're having fun!
Don't forget, do not head for violent threats or yell any obscenities since these can result in yougetting into trouble.

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